Looking For A New Go-To Skincare Routine? RejuvAus Has You Covered!

We were so lucky to work with amazing creatives on getting them a sneek peak at this line that is soon to do a launch from Australia….. and we were so lucky to get our hands on some of these incredible products too. We both haven’t had facials since start of pandemic, but RejuvAus has really helped keep our skin fresh & glowing honestly. Thank you everyone that tried it thus far we are so happy to hear the rave reviews – we are all about curating products you would love into the mix and we knew this was going to be a win.

With no synthetic fillers or additives and MANY active ingredients, just 1 RejuvAus product is comparable to 4 different ones from other brands. Their long-lasting products only need 1 pump for application & when finished with bottle, can be refilled (eco-friendly too)! This pump is also strategically designed to ensure that product is not exposed to the air, allowing you to experience all of the AMAZING benefits! Some of our favorite #RejuvAus products include:

The Clarifying Serum is one of the most important products for an effective skincare routine! This product clears dead skin debris and bacteria to allow the underlying skin to absorb incredible active ingredients such as Salicylic & Lactic Acid. Overall, it is a skin-tightening, pigment-reducing, hydrating dream!
The Gentle AHA Exfoliating Gel is a fresh, gentle cleanser that effectively exfoliates your skin while maintaining the health of your skin barrier with four natural and gentle AHAs & exfoliating agents. This cleanser allows your skin to self-hydrate and keeps your pores feeling fresh.
The Super Moisturizing UV Lotion is a light, hydrating, and protective moisturizer and sun block. This product reduces signs of aging, repairs skin, and even acts as a primer under makeup with its non-occlusive and non-comedogenic formula! Zinc Oxide 18%, Titanium Dioxide 18%, and Hyaluronic Acid are some of its key ingredients.
The ABC Repair & Restore Antioxidant Serum (SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT = GAMECHANGER = INSTANT FACIAL IN A BOTTLE FOR US) helps to refine your skin for a more youthful glow and smoother complexion. It contains Vitamins A, B, and C (hence the name) and helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and reverse ultra violate radiation damage. The Australian ingredient, Kakadu Plum Extract, is key to this formula – it’s the richest source of Vitamin C!

We are always looking to share what we think is the BEST in the industry and are so proud of having the opportunity to work with such an incredible brand – thank you Dr. Garry Cussell and the RejuvAus team for delivering simple skincare with sensational results! 

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