Food For Life Global: How Cryptocurrency is Making a Change

Recently, the new cryptocurrency Butter Token has combined with the Binance Smart Chain Milk Token in a successful launch that is already making great strides on the lives of tens of thousands of people experiencing food insecurity.

In just one week, the Butter Token has accrued and donated $12,929.14 to Food for Life Global. How does this partnership work? Butter Token works as a charity wallet, allowing users who wish to support world hunger relief organizations like Food For Life Global to donate to their cause with incredible ease.

Though the Butter Token is cryptocurrency, it operates with a focus on community-giving, allowing its token holders to support charities and organizations through pre-sales and contributions. Milk Token holders also gain Butter tokens as a reward for staking Milk Token.

The ultimate goal is for Milk and Butter Tokens to become the go-to mechanisms for donating to charitable organizations on the Binance Smart Chain.

Learn more about how you can get involved:

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