Cali’s Book: Publishing House-Books for Young Children

Caravan Social Club just had the opportunity to interview Carinne Meyrignac, a Parisian in Los Angeles who writes children’s book at her own publishing company, Cali’s Books.

What makes Cali’s Books so unique is that each book comes with embedded sound buttons that you and your children can push in order to hear the song and tunes. Carinne emphasizes the importance of introducing words and music to children from a very young age. She created this publishing company for any parent who shares her values in the importance of reading and song, and hopes that they have just as fun reading her books as their children will. Carinne lives by the quote: “What we learn with joy we never forget.”

Cali’s Books will be launching a new line of recordable books on the website. Some of the books include:

Beauty and the Beast ($30.00)

Yoga with Music ($20.00)

And Love! ($20.00)

Go to to check out the rest of her books!

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