Luminocity Festival

The LuminoCity Festival is a stunning holiday spectacular of light sculptures, with a brand new theme and never-before-seen art installations for the 2020 holiday season.  It has now closed for the 2020- 2021 season. We are so grateful and lucky to have seen this magical display of art. LuminoCity offers visitors a unique opportunity to venture through a wonderland of fantastical towering light art displays.
                        The sparkling light park invites visitors on a 30-45 minute walking, narrative journey which bring to life chapters of an original story starring Lumi, a magical light bulb and the host of the festival. Guests will be transported to different dreamlike worlds all while uncovering a beautiful tale of love, loss and life illustrated by the stunning installations. In the “Pop Culture” area of the park, visitors will encounter 12 light sculptures of famous cat & dog influencers – including @smoothiethecat – reimagined as the 12 zodiac constellations which play a role in the overarching Lumi adventure story. 
In addition to wandering through 10 acres of the enchanting light park, festival-goers can visit the Lumi Gift Shop that will offer an array of merchandise perfect for holiday gifts and take-home memories. The limited edition Lumi Night Light will be an extra special memento, as guests can carry a spark of light back with them after the event.
Top 2020 Experiential Additions:
“Pop Culture” area: visitors will encounter 12 light sculptures of famous cat & dog influencers – including @smoothiethecat – reimagined as the 12 zodiac constellations which play a role in the overarching Lumi adventure story.

WHERE:          Returning to Randall’s Island Park in NYC for a second season, this immersive outdoor event will be a festive, socially-distanced, and timed-entry experience for guests of all ages.
We love reading books. We were so excited to go to Luminocity Festival because it was like a storybook unfolding with these incredible light strucutures. The story of Lumi. It unfolded on Randall’s Island. I am sure this magical place will be back in time for holidays in 2021. Mark your calendars becuase this is an incredible light show experience.
It was incredible filled with plants, animals, crystals and more. Being a yoga teacher I loved the crystal part and being a plant mom loved all the monstera plants that were huge and lit up. We loved following the adorable Lumi as well. This is a great place for children with large areas to walk in between all these incredible lights. It was also educational as we walked through we could name off different animals, insects, and there were even a few dinosaur appearances.
It ended now for 2020 but will be back this year in 2021. Some photos from our adventure below.
The story of Lumi…..
The winter air was in full swing as Lumi wandered paths, no clear destination in mind. Lumi wondered what his next adventure would be. Would it bring him closer to figuring out his past? Wrapped up in his thoughts, Lumi didn’t realize he had entered what looked like a forest. Suddenly, a voice from within seemed to awaken. Lumi had never heard it before, yet it felt so familiar. It urged him to go farther into the trees. Lumi didn’t know what mysteries awaited him in the forest, but he was excited to find out!

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