So excited that I was just introduced to ROOT’D and it is so great – such a fun new way to take my multivitamin and there are so many awesome benefits. I also am so in love with the packaging and the ethos of this company – check it out :


What is Root’d 

Root’d is a brand of Fizzy Multivitamin Drink Mixes, formulated to help health conscious men and women build a healthier life, with a delicious full spectrum multivitamin. We only use super clean highly absorbable ingredients, packaging with <5% plastic, donate 1% to land and 1% to ocean, and we’re on a mission to make humans and their environments healthier.

Read more here : love this :
We’ve been in the supplement industry for a number of years and realized that if men or women wanted to improve their nutrition, their only option was to choose between taking a pill, or chewing on a “healthy” sugar gummy. We knew there had to be a better way, so after 2 years of research with different ingredients, we finally formulated a clean, non-gmo, super absorbent, easy to mix delicious fizzy multivitamin powder!

Who created Root’d 

A team of amazing nutritionists and partners lead by our founder, Adams Chimera.

You can find it at, or Sprouts with more independent west coast retailers coming on line after Covid passes.

Tell me more …. 

We started here because 63% of the American Public Takes a Multivitamin, and our research showed that 47% of people are tired of swallowing big pills, and 70% are concerned about the amount of sugar in their diet. It made no sense that to not have an option that was drinkable, and will the nutrition of a pill, but none of the sacrifice of a sugar filled gummy. We have long term plans to expand across several other ingredeints and health concerns in the coming months/years.
Do you have anything you are looking to do for kids – sometimes kids don’t get all their vitamins since picky eaters any ideas there ?

This is in our plans, and we hope to have something ready by mid 2021.

What is inside the women formula – what makes the male one different

There are a few differences in the balance of nutrients, but those are rather minor. The B’s for example, are slightly higher in the men’s do to average weight of men being higher. The key difference between the two is the iron. Because men don’t menstruate, taking an Iron supplement can be extremely harmful to them over the long term, and they really shouldn’t supplement with it unless directed to by their doctor or certified nutritionist. Women on the other hand, should supplement with iron unless again, directed by a doctor or certified nutritionist not to. Both cases are rare.

How much does it cost ? 

You’ll find a range of a 24 pack from $25.60 – $34.99 depending on the retailer, or if they are on a subscription. On, a 24 pack is $1.29 per day ($30.95; 24 ct) for one time purchases, or $1.09 per day ($26.20; 24 ct) for our subscribers. Subscriptions are  easy to modify or cancel anytime, and we cover you with our 30 day love guarantee. If you don’t love it, let us know w/in 30 days, and get your money back. Easy, just like our vitamins! 😊

How do you use them …. 

Just pour, stir, and enjoy! Root’d tastes great in just plain water, or mix it into your favoirte juice, smoothie, or mocktail (we call it a “#roottail” and have a little fun with your Vitamins! Because studies show 80% of americans don’t get their required nutrition from diet alone, we recommended taking a multi every day.

What is other guidance on things people could be doing right now during this time to keep immunity levels up….. 

A common misconception is that Vitamin C is the only vitamin you need to build immunity. While it’s true that Vitamin C Plays an important roll, the truth is a full spectrum multi with vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Vitamins A, E, D B6, B12 all play significant rolls in improving immune function and support. Sugar on the other hand can weaken immune function, so try to limit sugar in your diet as best you can, and eat food rich in these vitamins such as leafy greens, mushrooms, and even steak (which is a great source of Zinc and Selenium).

Absolutely! Our goal is to make the perfect Multivitamin, and if you don’t we got you covered with our 30 day love guarantee!



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