bella articleDuring this time of uncertainty, now, more than any other, Community matters.

Caravan is typically an “experiential” IRL program with a physical space in New York at a hotel. We love entertaining, meeting, networking with people & creating content.  We are pushing all content creation virtually. We want to continue to keep up conversations, build content with community and brand education. We do believe in curated opportunities that both parties agree on working together on.  We will continue to accomplish all of those things virtually for the next few months. Our program we built allows  brand(s) to have the opportunity to still share their product/story/service with having content creators to build content in authentic and managed ways. This is an interactive program that allows the creators to request products through the Caravan community, while managing the entire storytelling process: Content and Video Generation, Influencer Feedback and finally ending with a VIRTUAL Interactive Meetup – Pop-in with Caravan.

We will do all the legwork of sourcing content creators through our community and pulling the created content together to make some magic. In turn, your brand continues to be spoken about, tagged and engaged with among a digital community.

It is a tricky time because we all want to save our money and we all want to be effective. There is proven results in influencer marketing / storytelling & content creation with ROI to direct sales. Brands also want to keep the content & creativity happening along with brand education.

We have resources for you from  tutorial opportunities to fun virtual events. People are at home and looking for ways to stay in the know & entertained.

There would be a percentage of funds donated after each virtual event back to a struggling small business or organization that needs help.

If interested in learning more email :

Staying Positive,


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