Where to See Santa during the Holidays in New York ? You can visit him at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC and have a magical adventure

Santaland at Macy’s is OPEN !

I loved learning about the history about Santa Claus at Macy’s before my visit. I loved when I arrived to see all the windows as you wait in line to see Santa were decorated with scenes from the famous Miracle on 34th Street.

Tatum Michael loved meeting Santa Claus & it was such a beautiful background of his workshop. They really transported so much from the North Pole.

Tatum Macys rainbowSanta has been a part of Macy’s Christmas season since 1861, when the store advertised that Santa came to Macy’s Herald Square in New York to stock their counters with his finest Christmas gifts. Beginning in 1926, and almost every year since, the arrival of Santa has been the finale of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® and officially ushered in the Christmas season. The movie Miracle on 34th Street in 1947 helped Macy’s Santa become the most famous Santa in the world. The story of a little girl who found the “real” Santa Claus at Macy’s instantly made Macy’s the most popular mailing address for St. Nick, second only to the North Pole. 

In the subsequent decades, Macy’s Herald Square has expanded and upgraded Santaland to accommodate thousands of guests who visit each year. Once they arrive at Santa’s village, a special elf will personally escort each party to Santa’s house for some one-on-one time with the Big Guy!



You can reserve a spot in line for the quickest way in!  The reservation system opens at 6AM ET each day. Pick a time slot from 30 minutes to 5 days in advance*—this is when you’ll join the line. You’ll get to meet Santa once you reach the front of the line! Count the current day when you’re planning ahead. For example, by 11/27 you can start to book a 12/1 visit.

Why are reservations required to visit Santa?

Santa’s a popular guy, so the wait times to meet him have been quite long in previous years, especially on busy days – the reservation system is designed to minimize this by scheduling visitors to join the line at a time of your choice, allowing for the best possible holiday experience.

tatum with santa my favorite shot macystatum macys with santa

Where is Macy’s Santaland located?

On the 8th Floor of Macy’s Herald Square, which is at
151 W. 34th Street, New York, NY, 10001.

Admission is free! Professional photos are available for purchase, but they’re optional. Packages start at $21.99.

Santa’s day is packed! To help keep him on schedule, please arrive within your time slot. For example, if you booked for 12:30PM-12:55PM EST, check in with an elf no sooner than 12:30PM and no later than 12:55PM. If you miss your reservation, Santa might be able to see you another time, but you’ll need to rebook based on availability.

How long should I expect to wait to meet Santa?

Wait times to meet him may differ each day. After crunching some numbers, the elves guesstimate that lines should be shortest during the week, from Monday through Wednesday. However, they point out that this is based on overall trends and circumstances can vary. Please note: the closer we get to Christmas Eve, the longer it may take to reach the front of the line.

What is the Santa Express Lane?

Customers can cut their time to see Santa with the………  Santa Express Lane. Each Monday through Thursday from 2PM–9PM, and Friday through Sunday, customers with a Santa Express Lane pass who visit Macy’s Santaland will bypass all of the Santaland village attractions and head directly to Santa.


What to Expect  ? 

Pure Magic ! We loved it – there was so much to see.

It is about 13,000 sq feet… my favorite part besides meeting Santa Claus & of course seeing Tatum’s face filled with wonder was the Rainbow Bridge to a train – scape. There was Santa’s bustling workshop and of course his sleigh. There are beautiful trees decorated everywhere – dancing ballerina piglets, reindeer  & more.

Also Macy’s Santaland is not only beautiful but they do this beautiful charitable give back : Write a letter – For every letter they  receive, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish®, up to $1 million, to create life-changing wishes to critically ill children all across the country. Find out more here : https://www.macys.com/social/santa-land/

tatum santa naughtytatum santa macys lettertatum santa macys letter 2tatum macys letterstatum macys tree


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