Kiddoz is a whole new experience that teaches children how to cook recipes without having to know how to read

I recently got to try Kiddoz which is such a fun way to start to teach your children about cooking & measuring cups & ingredients and just having fun spending time together. Tatum is still a bit young for this but I know we will use it a ton in future in the meantime he got a kick out of the rainbow hued measuring cups and the book with all the fun recipes.

I recently interviewed the entrpreneurs behind this great concept :

What is the product ?
The Kiddoz kit comes with 6 clever measuring cups, a 20-recipe cookbook, and additional recipes that are available via the app. Kiddoz uses character-coded measuring cups and an illustrated cookbook with easy to follow step-by-step instruction, engaging characters and inspiring images to teach young kids how to cook while bringing families together.

What was the goal ?
The goal of Kiddoz is to inspire kids and encourage creativity in the kitchen while bringing the family together by preparing money-saving, nutritious foods. By giving young kids access to this creative outlet, it gives them the confidence to create, cook, and try new foods.

Where do you find it – what is the price?
Available now via Kickstarter. Need updated link where it can be purchased after Kickstarter.

What do you want to create with this item?
Kiddoz will bring families together by using fun and creative recipes. The goal is to remind families of the real reason why they should be cooking at home, and spending time with one another.

Why is it special ?
Kiddoz is the first of its kind. Unlike other cooking kits, Kiddoz requires minimal supervision and outside resources. The measuring cups and cookbooks work together to create an entertaining and fun cooking experience. In addition, Kiddoz comes with shopping lists to accompany every recipe. Besides a few basic kitchen tools, Kiddoz is all you need to execute their fun, delicious recipes.

What do you hope kids and parents do with it?
Ultimately, the goal of Kiddoz is to teach kids how to cook while also bringing families together for mealtime. We also want Kiddoz to be apart of those precious memories between parents and children in the kitchen.

What is your favorite recipe ?
The Kiddoz Pasta Lion is cute and creative.

How did you come up with the recipe ?
Chefclub’s mission is to turn cooking into entertainment. The recipes combine food, fun, and cute features that appeal to kids.

What is info about your background – how do you find being an entrepreneur?
Chefclub was launched in 2016 by Thomas, Jonathan, and Axel Lang. The Lang brothers set out to create Chefclub with the goal of bringing everyone to the kitchen. Since they launched, Chefclub which has grown substantially and together they have turned Chefclub into what it is today, a diverse team of culinary professionals that is passionate about food and having fun in the kitchen.

What are the goals for the future with this product
Chefclub takes pride in bringing people together through food and entertainment. It is Chefclub’s mission to make cooking a universal language. Kiddoz is Chefclub’s first step to launching in the US, which means they have made a huge step in expanding their audience and making their content more consumable than ever before. Chefclub hopes that the success of Kiddoz can lead to more and more projects in the US.

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