I use Coconut Oil typically so was so excited to learn about Bubbsi that is made with Coconut Oil & comes in the cutest containers instead of it look like I am using cooking oils….

Check it out on my interview with founder : Sweta Doshi but first here is a video about the founder as well

What made you create this?

The idea for Bubbsi came about when my newborn daughter developed eczema, and I underwhelmed at the natural skincare options available for her.  All the “clean” moisturizers on the market felt watered down and ineffective on her dry skin.  We ended up using organic coconut oil for moisture massages every night. This ritual worked wonders, but the coconut oil was such a mess to use!

With a decade of experience developing beauty products, I knew I could create something better.  So Bubbsi was born!  It’s a line of naturally nourishing coconut oil products without all the mess.  Our formulas are super luxurious and effective and come in playful bottles that kids love. It’s serious skincare for silly kiddos.


Is this your first product? How are you finding entrepreneurship?

 This is the first product I’ve created on my own.  I’ve always worked at large companies & brands before this.  I absolutely love entrepreneurship.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but I am learning something new every single day.  My confidence in myself has grown immensely, and I feel more fulfilled than ever before.   


What was your background before you developed this product?

My most relevant experience was the 7 years I spent working for Bath & Body Works where I was part of a team that launched new fragrant bodycare collections almost every month. A critical part of this was understanding women’s skincare preferences at a deep level—what they wanted in their lotions, body washes, fragrances, etc—and being able to develop effective products to meet those needs.


Bubbsi is unique because I’m able to combine an expertise in skincare with my perspective as a wellness-conscious mother of young children, especially one with eczema. I believe this passion and expertise come through in every aspect of Bubbsi’s product—from our rich, efficacious formulas to the light, delectable, all-natural scent to our playful, refillable packaging.


What is the product – use ?

Bubbsi is a line of clean coconut oil skin & haircare products that are clean and ultra-moisturizing.  Our Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream is a luxurious face & body moisturizer.  Our Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo + Wash is an ultra-gentle head-to-toe wash that leaves skin soft, never stripped.  And our Coconut Oil Balm is a multipurpose concentrated oil salve that works on chapped skin, diaper area, cradle cap and even as an oil cleanser (see video tutorial above!).


Why does this differ from regular coconut oil?

Coconut oil is a time-tested moisturizer, but it’s a mess to use.  You have to scoop it out of a jar, never knowing whether it’ll be solid or liquid, and slather it onto a child without getting it everywhere. Bubbsi products give parents the benefits of coconut oil with all that scoop & slather mess.  Our formulas use high levels of organic coconut oil and are truly moisturizing in a way that is rarely found in natural bodycare…but are also “easy peasy, non-greasy, and bottle squeezy”.


Our soft playful refillable animal bottles and light, all-natural coconut vanilla scent make skincare FUN for little ones.


How should one use the product?

It depends on your child’s skin type and age!  But since we’re entering dry skin season, I recommend a bath or shower with our Shampoo + Wash a few times a week (highly dependent on age!) and moisture massages with our Body Cream twice a day.  Layer the Oil Balm on dry spots and use it in the bath as a gentle cleanser in between the Shampoo + Wash!


Price point & where to find it?

Full starter set for $60 at www.lovebubbsi.com.  Refills are available as well!


Tell me a bit more about you?

I’m a mama of two in NYC.  When I’m not working and chasing after the kids, I love doing yoga, traveling and cooking.






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