Days go by so quickly & the Virgo in me creeps up and sometimes says “Get with the Program” — ” Think & create something that is going to stand out for this event” and sometimes I get stuck. In this case I have been trying to really make sure I celebrate my little guy’s first birthday. I didn’t want to have a big birthday party but instead wanted to do a few things around his birthday. The first we got lucky and we were going to Florida to see friends so we piggybacked a trip to Disney. Tatum might not remember it but in the moment he had a blast & we had a blast watching him giggle & laugh and he was just in awe of all the colors.

We did Magic Kingdom and then we did Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars installation and then a bit of Epcot with friends. We had a great lunch with characters with Winnie the Pooh at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom but then did not time meeting Mickey Mouse right in any location so the last day we went to Chef Mickey which I highly recommend. Great food and great times and they came up to us after seeing Tatum’s button and organized a whole celebration with Donald Duck for Tatum that was truly amazing. We also when we got back planned a little outing to the Bronx Zoo with friends and lastly a little live show of Baby Shark.

Yet I still could not figure out what that gift really celebrating his birthday in a special way would – what could be something he can always keep to remember his first birthday. I still wanted to do something to get family and friends involved and my friend told me about Kindra and it was perfect. It was similar to the video tribute I did for my dad for his birthday but that was video. This instead was a book where friends & family were interviewed on a few questions ( which you can customize but they give you some ideas ) and then everything including photos that are uploaded gets turned into a book. It was a bit of surprise to all until it came to see how it came together. You get to edit it so it all comes together with the Kindra team but until it arrives you don’t really get to experience the book. The book is like these sweet notes from so many incredible people. This is such a beautiful idea that Danielle DiMare from Kindra came up with – below is a bit about Kindra & I also was able to interview Danielle about how she got started with this sentimental idea. This is also a great way to have all your friends & family give a little gift by creating these notes as well – everyone got to celebrate Tatum’s birthday.

This shows you how it works in a way so you can go on and place your cover photo etc


If you want one of your own you can get 10% off now as a little giftie fro KINDRA if you do CARAVANGIRL especially with holidays coming ! 


give kindra 2give kindra 3



How did you decide to create Kindra? For more than a decade, I was making these special books as gifts for my family. Each book was a grand slam of a gift, however every book took more than 3 months of coordination and design. I wanted to make them for all my closest friends and mentors and found myself with a problem: I’m big in love, but short on time to deliver a gift of this caliber. So I created Kindra to digitize the bookmaking journey so I could keep giving my favorite gift ever, while also making this unique experience available to others.

What is the purpose of Kindra?
We’re on a mission to celebrate amazing people and make sure your loved ones know how special they are.

In short how does it work? It’s never been easier to co-author a book.  Anyone can create an account and follow the prompts to create a book. You will select questions that a group of people will answer.  Folks respond to the survey and send in their photos from FB, IG, their phone or computer. Kindra weaves all the magic together to create the first draft. After you review, edit and approve the book, we print and ship it so you can give your best gift ever. We also send automatic reminders to collaborators so you don’t have do.  Kindra does the hard work, you can get the glory.

What were some of your favorites to create? I think of Kindra as “the storybook of someone’s life written by those who love them”. For this reason, I am particularly am fond of doing books to celebrate 70th, 80th & 90th birthdays. (We still haven’t done a 100th birthday book; if anyone has a centenarian to celebrate please reach out for a promotional offer!)  I also really like doing books for younger people for their 13th or 16th birthday. I think it’s so cool for the younger generation to learn about themselves through this collective lens of love. If I had to pick my all time favorites, it would be my father’s 70th birthday book or our most recent book for Grandpa Charles, which was our largest Kindra book with over 100 collaborators from around the world.
How do most people use it?
We’ve celebrated all kind of occasions along Life’s journey: Welcoming new babies to the world, 1 year olds (Happy Birthday Tatum!), bar or bat mitzvahs, graduations, showers, weddings, new jobs, work anniversaries, retirements or just because someone is amazing!

How do you find entrepreneurism? Ups downs challenges?
Entrepreneurship is the most intense self development journey. Thankfully, I’m building a deeply meaningful tool that spreads love in the world. Therefore, our community members are always kind, thoughtful people – wonderful people to collaborate with! This is the biggest reward. The biggest challenge is the patience required to allow the business to grow into the grand vision I have for Kindra.

How do people find out about Kindra?
Often folks who have participated in a book will create a book for someone they love. Other times, it’s through word of mouth.  We’re also deeply grateful to blogs like Caravan Girls who help spread the good word.

What are your future hopes for Kindra?  We dream big here at Kindra. We’re not stopping until at least 1 million people around the world receive a Kindra book!

How involved is the team at Kindra?
Every book has more than one human ensuring each book is a gift we would give our own mother. We subscribe to the wisdom that “work is your love made visible.”

Danielle DiMare is the founder and CEO of Kindra, a brand designed to help to celebrate amazing people in meaningful ways.  Prior to founding Kindra, Danielle dedicated over a decade to strengthening New York City’s infrastructure for out-of-school time learning, workforce development, and Community Schools.  Through grants administration, fundraising, and technical assistance, her systems-building work has impacted over 400 schools and 100,000 students.  With a BA in Sociology and an MS in Change Management, Danielle’s goal is to empower people and projects focusing on individual and social transformation.  


I loved receiving Tatum Michael’s Kindra – I was trying to think of what to do for this little guy – time capsule ? some type of sign board — and then I heard of Kindra and I was so happy it was a great way to really capture some words / thoughts for Tatum for 2019. I read the book through a few times already and sometimes use it for morning reading now and he really loves looking at photos and hearing the words. I can’t wait for him to understand what this beautiful book’s significance is in years to come.


Tatum’s book is a gift so private but a few things that beyond how incredible everyone was to participate I thought was interesting is over 30 people helped contribute to the book several when asked about what to remember about 2019 — mentioned climate change and for instance the ban on single use plastic, people are becoming more aware of Climate Change, that we are learning how to protect our climate, environment, take a stand, in 2019 there was a global climate strike started by Greta Thunberg from Sweden who was 16 years old… the youth are creating change…. others spoke about sports stats & price comparisons as well.. and even RBG was mentioned… I loved that in Tatum’s book words like adventure & entrepreneur & world peace were used …. and of course lots of LOVE !




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