Bikes bikes bikes & trikes trikes trikes… My brother just bought Mr. Tatum a trike which he is loving and having a great time on…. it keeps him occupied exploring around and he gets a kick out of it. This one is great because he is able to sit in the chair area and be protected with this little bumper frame that keeps him inside pretty good.

We are training him for his future Balance Bike that was gifted to us by Yuba Flip Flop – which is super cute too — perfect to go exploring in the future at the zoo maybe.

A Yuba Flip Flop balance bike! The Yuba Flip Flop incorporates the only “flippable” frame to accommodate kids from 1.5 to 6 years old AND is the only balance bike designed to be outfitted with a storage box on the back so kids can carry their favorite toy, stuffed animal, ball or sidewalk chalk while riding. The Flip Flop has a lightweight aluminum frame, puncture proof tires/wheels and the cutest graphics on the market today.

Flip Flop Balance Bike 30% Off – Giraffe

Flip Flop balance cargo bike for kids

Top Reasons To Buy A Yuba Flip Flip Balance Bike For Your Child or Grandchild:

  1. Unique Fit: The only balance bike on the market with a frame that transforms to accommodate kids from 1.5 to 6 years old.
  2. Don’t Leave Teddy at Home: The only balance bike on the market to accommodate a rear crate or front basket – big enough for a dodge ball, stuffed animal, box of sidewalk chalk and more.
  3. Other bikes look boring:  fun paint and graphics Giraffe print, Cow print and Lime Green
  4. Safe and Fun Without Maintenance: All Yuba bikes are designed in-house to ensure a safe and smooth ride. No need to worry about flat tires – these bikes have foam filled tires which are perfect for the learning stage before they jump to pedal bikes.



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