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More to come but I can’t wait for you to see everything set up in my house…. but in the interim you have to hear a bit about this awesome company !

The founder of this company had a reason to start her company that made so much sense to me…  sounds like my constant story of the dogs ruining a little bit of everything around my house sometimes… especially with a little bit of baby envy the dogs sometimes are making mistakes more then often so I was so excited to hear about RUGGABLE for many reasons !

Thank you Jeneva Bell for allowing my house to be chic but me not to worry as much plus I get to be eco friendly and know my child and pets are safe with the non – toxic materials.


The brand was so kind to send me a rug to try in my house that was in desperate need of  a new rug I love their 8 x 10  BATIK rug https://ruggable.com/products/herringbone-batik-ocean-blue?variant=12758647144503

sofa pics

Her dog ruined her favorite rug ! I believe it they have ruined a few things in my house… so she created an amazing rug with a  waterproof barrier that helps prevent liquids from seeping into the underlying nonslip rug pad. Stains and odors easily and conveniently wash away in your home washing machine.

If you are looking for a new rug you have to try one and you can get a special gift if you use this code :  FUNCARAVAN15 (15% off the entire order) Link: http://bit.ly/2xv5HNM

I also love that they are NON TOXIC  they are considered wearable (like clothing) therefore our rugs are not harmful for you, your kids or your pets.


They strictly use suppliers that are repeatedly inspected and certified to meet or surpass environmental, safety, social, and ethical standards.


Their custom rug pad fiber consists of polyester (95%) made from recycled fiber. The nonslip portion of the rug pad consists of thermoplastic resin (TPR). TPR creates little to no waste during manufacturing as defective product can be melted back to raw material and reused.

Made In LA

Their rugs are made and packaged locally in LA. We work with certified suppliers in Korea, China, Germany and Mexico to source cost-effective, sustainable materials.
check out some of these awesome patterns :

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Btw  I loved this story :


Love this story that they have on their blog with a ton more info about the brand  :

The First Washable Rug https://ruggable.com/blogs/into-the-wash/jeneva-bell-interview

Jeneva Bell, who conceptualized Ruggable in 2009, first thought of the idea of a machine-washable rug after her dog accidentally ruined hers. “Many years ago, my dog ruined my new, expensive rug,” she recalls. “Because the odor from the accident sunk deeply into the thick, structured core, I set out to create a rug you could wash as easily as bedding or blankets.”

And that’s what she did. With the help of industry experts and an amazing team, she was able to secure a patent for a 2-piece rug system, with a Rug Cover that you can detach from the Rug Pad and put in your washing machine. Eight years later, Ruggable.com was born.

The rest, as they say, is history. What started out as a simple solution to a pet accident is now a highly sought-after necessity. Aside from being machine-washable, the product has also evolved to include other benefits: Ruggable’s Rug Covers now come with a waterproof barrier to prevent liquid from seeping into the pad and floor. Plus, it now comes in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate every space requirement and style preference.

But just like every success story, Ruggable’s journey wasn’t a bed of roses. To tell us more about this, we sat down and talked to Jeneva. Here, she shares what that journey was like, what’s in store for our Ruggable shoppers, and the rugs she chose for her new Andalusian farmhouse-style home.

It’s been a decade since you launched the first washable rug, how has that been for you and company?

“It feels like an era that almost exactly coincided with my 30s. I gave this idea all of my focus and dedication and struggled for the first 8 years to make it a success.

Everything has improved over the years: the product quality, the designs, the team, etc. We make a constant effort to continue to do everything better and better.”

What has been your greatest challenge so far in running Ruggable? And what did you do to overcome it?

“The greatest challenge was having so many different challenges at the same time. I didn’t have enough funding, a team, the right suppliers, the right business model, but I had a product that I knew people wanted.”

How has the market and the rug industry changed over the years? Do people still think, use and buy their rugs the same way?

“The market hasn’t changed drastically, but people are moving away from high-priced rugs they can have ‘forever’ to designs and colors that are more current. And with Ruggable rugs, people have the opportunity to invest in stylish, affordable rugs they can also easily maintain.”

Social media has definitely changed the way we design our spaces. How has this helped (or hurt) Ruggable?

“Social media has been extremely helpful because it gets us in front of customers who are looking for new ideas and inspiration. Plus, we love seeing how people are styling Ruggable rugs in their own homes! We are so thankful that people are, as they say, letting us into their living rooms.”

As someone with a keen eye for style and beauty, what do you think is the next big thing in interior design? 

“Interior design is very personal, but I’m seeing more people lean towards soothing environments, which means being surrounded by less ‘stuff’ and more creature comforts—from textiles, stone, wood and meaningful objects that can stand alone, like a sculpture, a piece of artwork or a unique rug.”

We heard you’re redesigning your house. Can you give us a teaser of what this home will look like? What’s your design inspiration?

“My inspiration is Andalusian farmhouse. I want to combine stone and vintage details to create nostalgia of the past, with modern conveniences like a large laundry room with two sets of washer and dryer. I should add that the property has horses and we will be tracking in a lot of dirt!”

How important is picking the right rug for your new home’s theme? And what factors are you considering when choosing the right rug?

“It’s essential! The size and scale of the design are key and that changes from room to room. I’m looking forward to the launch of our new sizes (potentially soon), which will work well in the kitchen and mudroom.”

Have you picked which Ruggable rug you’re using for your new home?

“I’m using the Vintage Daisy Bordered Grey Rug in the kitchen, the Herringbone Batik Natural Rug in my bedroom and the Diamond Trellis Black Rug in the mudroom, along with many others!”


Check out how easy it is to set up !

Clear the floor and unroll the Rug Pad
Before assembling your 2-piece Rug System, ensure the area you will be laying down your rug on is free of any dirt, pet hair, or other foreign debris. Cleaning the surface underneath your rug upon setup will maximize the performance of the non-slip Rug Pad. The Rug Pad should be placed TPR-side down (“rubbery” texture touching the floor).
Roll the Rug Cover and adhere to short-side edge
With your Rug Cover neatly folded or rolled, begin by adhering the Rug Cover to the short-side edge of the Rug Pad, allowing a 1” overhang on all sides of the Rug Pad. Grab the opposite short-side edge of the Rug Cover, and step back to lay the rest of the Rug Cover down. Keep the Rug Cover lifted as you step back towards the opposite short-side edge to prevent the Rug Cover from sticking prematurely to the Rug Pad. If you rolled the Rug Cover at the start, unroll slowly and adjust as you go.
Smooth and finish
Lift and smooth away any wrinkles in the Rug Cover. Lift and relax the corners as necessary.
Yes it is machine washable !
The Rug Cover, once removed from the underlying Rug Pad, can fit comfortably in a standard or large capacity top or front load washer (with or without an agitator). Our 8’ x 10’ and 5’ x 7’ rugs can fit into a 3.8 cubic feet washer, while our 2.5’ x 7’ and 3’ x 5’ sizes can fit in a 2.2 cubic feet compact washer. The Rug Pad can only be spot-cleaned using a household disinfectant that does not contain bleach or using warm soapy water.Your Ruggable Rug Cover is stain-resistant and contains an internal waterproof barrier. You can spot-clean or machine-wash it depending on the accident type. For major stains or accidents, they recommend washing your Rug Cover immediately.
This rug was given to me as a blogger to review and have in my living room .

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