HOW CUTE IS THIS TIN !! BEST GIFT EVER WITH PRICES AT $6.99 and that range through $9.99 and above – bandages, ointments and more – lots of smart ideas
I hosted a yoga class recently and unfortunately I had some nasty marks on my feet from new sandals I covered them up with my cute neon bandages and viola I was getting compliments on my cute colored bandages!

Welly is for everyone that was afraid to fall down, fail, get bumped, get scratched and did it anyway.

Bandages keep you protected and prepared for anything that comes your way. This is a fresh take on a classic bandage, our curved bandage shape moves with your every move and the bandage seals on all four sides to keep out germs and dirt.

  • 48 count flex fabric bandages
  • One standard shape
  • Three bold colors
  • Tin container that’s reusable, recyclable, and dare we say collectible?

These Undercover Agents are for when being stealthy is the name of the game. These transparent bandages match your skintone to allow discrete coverage. Our waterproof material can stay on for days and flexes with your every move. Hydrocolloid means these bandages help promote faster healing by sealing in moisture while keeping out dirt and germs.


I loved them so much I had to buy the rainbow ones for my little guy – they are so adorable and cool. I love the tins – I have been using them for all my safety pins for styling – they are a hit !

This is also brilliant :

When you’ve gotten swarmed by mosquitoes on the beach or hiked through poison ivy, Itch Fix 1.0% hydrocortisone anti-itch cream has you covered.

What about your superhero supplies :

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