June 26, 2019
9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Spring Studios, New York City
50 Varick Street
When Meghan Asha launched an intimate dinner seriesfor entrepreneurs out of her apartment in 2014, she hadno expectations about where it might lead. The small but mighty gatherings made such an impact that what started as a labor of love swiftly grew into FounderMade, a world-renowned platform and conference series dedicated to inspiring and promoting innovative entrepreneurs.With a mission to propel purpose-driven, next-generationbrands to the place they belong — into the hands of thosewho want them — FounderMade helps people discoverlife-changing beauty, food and wellness products, while simultaneously empowering founders with exclusive access to the most well-regarded industry leaders, distribution, high-impact marketing initiatives,investment opportunities and annual summits.
Meghan Asha is the CEO of FounderMade, a platformand conference series that connects best-in-classconsumer brands to retailers, distributors andinvestors. Under her leadership, FounderMade haspartnered with innovative brands including EsteeLauder, RXBar, BulletProof Coffee, Vital Proteins,Target and Starbucks.Inspired by her entrepreneur father, Meghan hasalways had a passion for building and empowering companies. Over her career, she’s experienced entrepreneurship from every angle: she’s worked as an analyst for a venture capital firm, interviewed leaders of technology companies for a weekly internet talkshow, and built her own digital media platform
FounderMade organizes 2 annual Discovery Shows,one on each coast. The highly-curated conferences provide a platform for forward-thinking brands to launch their innovations, gain awareness in the industry and make crucial connections. In addition, they host a yearly CEO Summit and offer animpactful membership program for participating founders.Meghan and her close-knit team take discovering brands to the next level, helping future-minded entrepreneurs across the nation scale their business, and connecting consumers to the world’s best products and the stories behind them.
There are so many people I am excited to meet some folks I hope to meet or hear more about :
I know I wake up with my AQUIS every morning …. so Britta Fox !
East Headshots 4_5.001-3.jpeg

Um by the way not just an awesome product but an awesome brand making stuff happen – AQUIS is happy to announce our partnership with Code For Fun, an organization that envisions a future where all students grades K-12, of all genders and races, develop their critical-thinking and creative skills through access to innovative computer science education. These skills can be leveraged beyond computer science, allowing students to be successful digital citizens and architects of our future. Code For Fun impacted 4,718 students during 2018, through after school programs designed for both learners and trainers as per CSTA standards. Together, we hope to inspire students of today to never stop creating and to always continue learning.

And Cannuka is going to be there !!

East Headshots 4_5.001-5.jpeg


Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Cannuka founder Michael Bumgarner always had a passion for the livelihood of his fellow farmers — as well as products that benefit health and the environment. So it wasn’t surprising when he developed an early interest in legalizing industrial hemp cultivation … a quest that led him to the discovery of the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties of hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD. Bolstered by an entrepreneurial spirit and the support of his wife Kelly, Cannuka was created, a breakthrough natural product line combining two unique ingredients: Cannabis CBD and New Zealand’s Manuka honey — part of the tea tree family offering more beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-irritant properties than other honey types.

As they embarked on their journey, Michael and Kelly knew they wanted to be more than just another medicinal Cannabis line. They decided early on that skincare would be the gateway to introducing Cannuka to the world, and they leveraged Kelly’s experience and expertise as a dermatology PA-C to do so. It was an approach focused on mass appeal, one that allowed them to showcase the aesthetic benefits of beauty — something tangible people could actually see. This was easily accomplished, because while CBD and Manuka honey work together to calm inflammation and heal the skin, they also produce a glowing, rejuvenated complexion as a welcomed “side effect.”   Today, this family-run company has truly paved the way for legitimizing the Cannabis industry, and they show no signs of stopping. In fact, Michael and Kelly are poised to add even more health and wellness products to their repertoire soon, including creams providing pain and anxiety relief.

Oh my goodness and Kate Harper of Dean & Deluca – seriously – one of my favorite stores – I used to work above it at one point and that was tricky since I wanted to constantly run down there for yummies but every day lunch was easy and some of the best lunches I had during work ever – I loved their salads, their produce offering, all their cheeses and of course their sweets… they are getting super innovative with their offerings too love all the Dirty Lemon !

East Headshots 4:5.028.jpeg

Can we chat about how great ELEMIS is …. and looking forward to hearing more ….Inspired by the body’s miraculous inner clock and formulated to support tired complexions, our skin renewing Peptide 24/7 range is made to target the look of tired skin and help you achieve a well-rested glow, around the clock.

East Headshots 4:5.042.jpeg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FOLLAIN – No one should have to compromise their health for beauty. Together with our clients and makers, we’re taking a stand against toxins in personal care, refusing to settle for anything but the safest, most effective products. We’re shifting the mindsets — and building a community of activists who want a better kind of beauty.

East Headshots 4:5.002.jpeg

And PUREWOW is one of my favorite reads so excited to hear more about the future of  it and more ….

East Headshots 4:5.001.jpeg

and the awesome beauty editor behind where I get all my info is going to be there


I have heard a ton about MITOQ and really need to try it I find it so interesting

The world’s first
mitochondria-rejuvenating CoQ10 antioxidant

As we move through life, we get wiser, and our ambitions grow.
We step up to take on more – it’s the power we all have.
But as we age, the way our body makes power falters in a way we all need to understand.



I can say for the last 8+ years I wake up with at least one or several products from this favorite in my smoothie NAVITAS ORGANICS – I have gotten so many people hooked on their brand !

East Headshots 4_5.001 (2).jpeg

And one of the brands we had at the studio that we love OLIVIA GARDEN is going to be there we love Anne !

East Headshots 4:5.038.jpeg

And the founder of Nutrafol will be there – LOVE THIS BRAND it  helped me when I lost my hair after my pregnancy …. such a great product I combined this with MONAT shampoo & conditioner

East Headshots 4:5.014.jpeg

My brother does a ton of work at Walmart and we are a fan – I am loving all of the great brands they are bringing into the store for others to discover !

East Headshots 4_5.018.jpeg

There are so many other speakers as well that I can’t wait to hear and learn from on June 26th.

You can still get tickets by logging on to and registering and using a special code : CARAVANSTYLISTSTUDIO








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