I love The Grommet -check out info about them below on a video about this awesome company. You can find the coolest most innovative products on their site. I recently was able to check out one of the coolest items called WALLYBROOM which is a rotating wet & dry broom & dustpan. It is so easy to use and quite cool how it just spins around. This is perfect for a new baby… sometimes in the morning after a restless night I have spilled milk before and this helps get it right up — it also is amazing for my little doggies – I am constantly spilling treats …. it also just helps with any little messes that might come up like when they drag grass in from outside.  It is ergonomically super comfy to use and is smooth. I find that every time I brush dust into the dustpan it goes right in when sometimes I have struggled with other dustpans. I like to push the dust in then sometimes use a little water or Method and brush the remainder of the small dust particles in so I get everything up – this is perfect for that.

It is a great investment and super well made and know I will have it for a very long time and still a great price for $29.95.


Wallybroom is a combination broom and dust pan with a twist—or make that, a rotation. The bristled broom head spins around, letting you clean with a squeegee on the opposite side. You can clean up dry and wet messes with one tool.

From dirt to spilled milk (literally), Wallybroom is a one-stop cleaner-upper. It’s scaled down from a traditional broom size, which makes it easier to store in tight spaces. The oversized dustpan has a curved dam to better corral messes, and a rubber lip makes it easier to scoop messes up off the floor. And because it holds more than a usual dustpan can, you can clean up a pretty intense mess with just one trip to the trashcan


How do you clean the squeegee?

Simply wash with warm water and dish soap in the sink to clean.


& it is so NEAT in your closet !

The broom attaches magnetically to the dustpan and at 18” stores easily under the kitchen sink, in the pantry or a cabinet.
  • Rotating head allows user to use dry bristles for dry sweeping or squeegee for wet spills
  • Deep set dustpan for easy & secure pick-up

I read some of other customers reviews and so true below great for pets — great for anything spilled – great image above of eggs that fell out of their carton…. my husband just spilled a bag of lentils all over and this was fantastic to just scoop them in ….

Others reviews…..

My dog throws up after eating grass. This is the best for picking it up, carpet or floor. 

As the proud owner of a dozen cats, this handy little tool is a must have! I use it everyday, to keep the cat litter swept up and keep kibbles

Clean up both dry and wet messes with ease. This broom and dust pan tackles both kinds of dirty jobs—even if one mess is both at the same time. Switch between bristles and a squeegee with just a quick rotation of the broom head. And the extra-deep dustpan cleans up all the mess in one go.

Check it out on their website along with other awesome products !




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