A Smart decision is implementing SMART pressed juice into my day !

For years I was using a delivery service for my veggies and all the extra powders – the maca, lucama etc and loved it but that brand started using way too much plastic for me wrapping everything individually so although convenient and yummy I had to give it up. I have been looking for new options for my morning superfoods and finally found a great option in SMART pressed juice.

Get that fresh, just juiced feeling every single day. Our bodies crave organic vegetables in order to thrive – Smart Pressed Juice is the easiest way to get all your vegetables for the day.  All you have to do is add water!

At SMART Pressed Juice they believe in the power of organic vegetables and superfoods, which is why we made it easier than ever to get all your vegetables for the day in a tasty, convenient and affordable way. https://www.smartpressedjuice.com/

Learn here :

All of SMART Pressed Juice’s products are produced locally in Southern California and are certified USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free. The best part is they’re travel friendly, so you can bring your powder on-the-go and add it to water, THIS IS AMAZING !!! vegan milk or any organic fruit juice (apple or pineapple is recommended). Products available now:

  • Organic Pressed Greens: features over 22 organic superfood vegetables with only 1 g of sugar.
  • Vegan Vanilla Proteini: Smooth and creamy organic plant-based protein with advanced absorption.
  • Pineapple Chia Cleanse: unique blend of 15 superfoods help you feel refreshed, combats bloating and keeps your cravings under control.

Now there are tons of powders but sometimes they don’t taste good – these taste great !!!! I really love them they have so many amazing superfoods too.

SMART Pressed Juice is produced by a group of friends brought together with a mission to create a smarter way to juice. We truly believe there is no better medicine on earth more powerful than the humble green vegetable. Phytonutrients and antioxidants are some of the most powerful therapies in the world, which is why we created the smartest juice around.

Phytonutrients are plants’ superpower molecules that enable plants to defend themselves against predators, infections and hostile conditions. When we eat these plants, the protective role of these phytonutrients translate into nature’s most powerful plant-based superpowers for our health.

Most of us simply don’t get enough organic vegetables in a day. We need between 8 – 10 servings of a wide variety of veggies to keep our bodies functioning at our best. Not only that, we need all the good things that plants can offer – proteins, nutrients, fibers and omegas.

What makes them so different :

Lowest Sugar
Contains less sugar than an apple slice- only 2 grams of naturally occuring sugar.

Clean and Organic
Juices contain pounds of vegetables- don’t settle for a pesticide cocktail. 100% certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, with no artificial ingredients.

Up to 6x More Nutrients
utilize a smart combination of juiced and whole roots for that extra boost of energy and phytonutrients

Each serving of REVIVE BEETS + ROOTS contains the following organic juice ingredients:

Powerhouse Roots and Superfoods – 8 superfoods in one delicious, convenient bottle containing 30 servings. Nutrient-dense organic phytonutrients from beets, carrots, lemon, ginger, turmeric, green coffee bean extract, golden root extract and kale.

DELICIOUS – Refreshingly flavored with raspberry extract and monk fruit for only two grams of naturally-occuring sugar.

ORGANIC CERTIFIED, VEGAN and PURE – USDA Organic Certified for quality, sustainability and purity assurances. Furthermore,  FREE from dairy, gluten, GMOs, synthetic pesticides, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

I also loved trying  Revive Beets + Roots

The you-can-do-anything juice. Infuse your body with a vibrant and delicious source of clean energy that lasts.

Organic pressed beets juice yielding up to 6x more beets plus a buzzy kick from superfoods ginger, turmeric, golden root, carrots, lemon and kale!


Energizing Pressed Beet Juice

  • Fresh pressed beets and golden root (rhodiola) are nature’s perfect energy boost without the crash. Loaded with nutrients that naturally support nitric oxide levels for optimal energy that is actually good for you.

Powerhouse Roots

  • Superfood roots turmeric, ginger, carrot and rhodiola provide some of nature’s most support from adaptogens.

Superfood Glow

  • Organic kale and lemon juice round out the perfect beets juice by contributing that extra zing loaded with phytonutrients for the perfect juice.

Instead of that second cup of coffee, reach for Revive Beets and get that fresh, just-juiced feeling every day!

Weight Loss

Lose the junk and maintain the good

Clear Mind

Feel as amazing as you look


Get that can’t-stop-won’t- stop attitude back


No lawn mower clippings here

No Bloating

Washboards ain’t got nothing on you


Save time and take your juice anywhere- the only juice TSA can’t take away from you

Radiant Skin

Seriously, the glow is real


Save your $ for that Instagram vacation to show off your new juice bod

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