Cookie Dough Flavors

Now I am an ice cream freak but I put my scooper down for ice cream and tried Edoughble and it was amazing – satisfied my sweet tooth plus did not have all the bad stuff in it — so thankful for trying it and now sharing it with others….

Edoughble’s edible cookie dough makes all your dessert dreams come true. With real, premium ingredients you can pronounce and a straight from the mixing bowl taste, our cookie dough is simply the best. Best of all, their “mom approved” edible cookie dough is 100% safe to eat because we use NO egg, NO raw flour and NO chemical leavener, meaning you can have peace of mind when you get your edible cookie dough fix. Check out most popular cookie dough flavors!

About the entrepreneur behind this awesome brand

As with most of the human race, Rana’s obsession with stealing a taste of cookie dough from the mixing bowl started young and has only grown. A graduate from Le Cordon Bleú with experience at top U.S. restaurants Spago and Boulevard, Rana brings an incredibly high level of passion and expertise to everything from ingredient selection to recipe perfection. Rounding out her CEO and culinary chops, Rana has 2 young daughters, an MBA from USC and is a cancer survivor.

Some flavors I tried & loved


Old-school flavor gets a modern makeover in this classic combo of creamy cookie dough and premium Callebaut dark chocolate that makes traditional cookie dough seem square.

  • Ingredients are premium, all-natural & non-GMO certified. They include hormone-free butter, light brown cane sugar, cane sugar, heat-treated flour, apple sauce, responsibly sourced palm oil, Belgian dark chocolate chips, alcohol-free pure vanilla, kosher salt. Contains wheat & dairy

Chocolate Chip off the Ol' Block edible cookie dough by Edoughble


 The dark chocolate cookie filled with sugary vanilla frosting you’ve always loved is now a cookie dough match made in heaven. 

  • Ingredients are premium, all-natural & non-GMO certified. They include hormone-free butter, cane sugar, heat-treated flour, Belgian cocoa powder, apple sauce, responsibly sourced palm oil, chocolate sandwich cookies, alcohol-free pure vanilla, kosher salt. Contains wheat & dairy.
  • Product is 12oz.

Cookies n' Dream edible cookie dough by Edoughble

When you ask them what is so special about this brand :

1) We use only premium ingredients. We go the extra mile and seriously search across the world for the best ingredients from local shelves to European chocolatiers. We sampled hundreds of ingredients until we nailed it. Only the best ingredients can create the best cookie dough, and that’s why we use ingredients like Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips and Alcohol-Free Pure Vanilla.

2) We use only real, all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. That means no preservatives or artificial anything, ever. For examplewe only use hormone-free, rBGH free butter in our dough. Heck, even our colorful sprinkles and milk chocolate candy pieces are naturally colored but still taste amazing. We take no short cuts just to save a few bucks. If Red 40 is banned everywhere in the world but the U.S., you probably shouldn’t consume it. We want you to be able to indulge in an amazing treat and also know your are eating real food, not the processed stuff. 

3) Our Founder, Rana is an actual Pastry Chef! Rana received her culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu and perfected her craft at some of the top U.S. restaurants including Spago (Los Angeles) and Boulevard (San Francisco). She brings her expertise, passion and attention to detail in every recipe, in every meeting and in every customer service response. She lives and breathes this company, and is the heart and soul of it. 

When you ask them is it safe to eat raw….

We are 100% safe to eat raw. Let’s go through our checklist…

  • NO egg, ever. Not even pasteurized as that still carries some risk (just ask the “big food” brand who had that recall in 2009.
  • We use heat-treated flour. Our partner factory puts all our flour through a special pathogen ‘kill step’ and regularly tests to ensure our flour is safe to consume raw.
  • We don’t use any chemical leavener. Chemical leaveners are ingredients like baking soda and baking powder that are not made for raw consumption, but rather are included in baking recipes to help baked goods rise when activated in extreme heat and acid . Having those raw chemicals in your stomach is like starting a science experiment to occur on your insides, and that usually results in a stomach ache or worse.
  • We work with the finest retailers that have industry-leading standards and that means our facility and process is clean, closely monitored and regularly audited to ensure perfection. We take making our cookie dough safe-to-eat very seriously so that you can just relax and focus on how great it tastes.


So are you ready to give it a try if not you are missing out !

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