Come Back Daily was created to solve the issue of miss-information surrounding the Cannabis plant. The community needs a specially curated place that is safe to learn and experience the benefits of CBD, can do for them. Founder and cannabis expert Steve Phan worked for a CBD company where he noticed a need for peer to peer interaction.


come back daily store 3

Right in Tribeca sits this amazing store with a ton of education, special events & great products to buy – Come Back Daily


Check out the website filled with tons of info about upcoming events and they cover a mix of questions and info on their blog as well

come back daily store

Also if you are a fellow blogger & you want to check out how to use some of their beauty products we have a bunch at the studio for you to try – be sure to reach out to me.

I learned a ton from this Q&A on the blog post for Come Back Daily & then I was able to ask more questions directed from me to Steve Phan – check out my interview with him

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Have you heard the buzz about CBD Oil making an impact in holistic alternative medicines?

CBD is a completely legal plant derived compound that falls outside the jurisdiction of the DEA’s controlled substances act. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, therefore it’s become quite intriguing to those who wish to receive the medicinal benefits of marijuana without “Getting High”. Because CBD doesn’t contain any THC or psychoactive properties, it falls under the realm of the open market. According to multiple sources the CBD industry is set to reach 2.2 billion dollars by 2020. The reason for such a large market evaluation comes from the fact that CBD has a multitude of medicinal benefits, and does not harm the liver or kidney like most prescription medications. Now that we understand CBD is a non psychoactive medication used for various pain relief purposes, let’s unravel the Endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid system in our bodies is a system that exclusively interacts with THC and CBD. Years’ of reaearch have revealed that our bodies were designed to interact with cannabinoids like CBD- a profound discovery that continues to evolve and be studied. If the miraculous machine that is the human body comes with an Endocannabinoid system that acts as a receptor for CBD, then what are the implications of this discovery? Many scientists theorize that the human
body has adapted to cannabinoids like CBD in order to take advantage of their benefits and effects. How interesting is the human body! The Endocannabinoid system and CBD are involved in a grand interplay
between mother nature and humanity that’s inspiring the world to take a closer look at cannabinoids like CBD!


Questions from me to Steve Phan:

  1. How did you get started?

I grew up in the Bay Area, in San Francisco, a region that has always been at the forefront of the cannabis industry. With Natural Xtract, I became involved in CBD, managing customer service and seeing every part of the interaction with customers. But, it wasn’t in person. You could livechat with someone new to CBD and explain everything to them, but they could never come see and hold the product themselves.


I wanted to bridge that gap. In 2014, I founded Quad Deuce Nil (420 in Latin), an urban cannabis lifestyle brand to educate and change misperceptions. As QDN’s peer-to-peer community expanded, it became the driving force and the concept behind Come Back Daily.


  1. What is Come Back Daily? – great name – how did you land on this name obviously the CBD initials but like the name?

Thanks! The name Come Back Daily was created by our co-founder and Director of Marketing Waseem Ghattas.


We wanted to represent the welcoming environment we’ve created at the store – the same way people become regulars (“come back daily”) at a neighborhood café.


  1. Where are you located? – how can people find you?

We’re located Tribeca at 381 Broadway, New York, NY 10013. People can also learn more about the products we offer by visiting our website

  1. What are your hours?

We’re open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.

  1. How do you merchandise product in your store?

We wanted to create a level of comfort for people visiting the store, especially those who are curious about CBD and want to learn more.


We display products at our discovery bar, where people are encouraged to sit down, have a conversation, sample and explore.


We also have a retail shelf to feature specific brands and their products. In honor of Black History Month in February, we’ve partnered with Cannaclusive to showcase products from eight different African American creators.

How many products a day can you use that has CBD in it? – is there a limit?

Depending on the goal, you can use as many products with CBD in it as you want. For example, I use a tincture for anxiety, a balm for eczema, and a soda to chill out. A former coworker of mine recovering from multiple surgeries was ingesting 3000mg of CBD daily through different application methods such as gummies, a transdermal patch, and sublingual tinctures.

What should people know using products with CBD?

For anyone unfamiliar with the CBD (cannabidiol) compound in cannabis, let’s begin with the fact that it will not get you high. Although it’s found in marijuana and hemp plants, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects found in THC. It does, however, provide amazing health benefits including pain relief and anti-inflammation, as well as relieving stress and symptoms of anxiety.

What should people avoid when using CBD products?

People should avoid replacing medications without consulting with their primary care physician. Many people are quick to assume they can eliminate certain medications using CBD but that can be dangerous.

What is the experience when guests come to the store?

The experiences are unique, but there are a few common themes. We want guests to feel welcome and safe to explore CBD. We want to encourage people to think about whole-body wellness. And we want people to have fun.

With those ideas in mind, we created an environment designed for both relaxation, with comfortable modern furniture and pleasant vibes, and contemplation, with art on display and literature about CBD.

What is the future for Come Back Daily?

Starting with a pop up in Harlem (stay tuned for details!), we will continue building our footprint in New York City. We want to educate more people about the benefits of CBD. This effort also involves developing an innovative schedule of programs that reach different markets

Please name 5 products that you are loving in your shop right now

Name of product – what it does – why you love it – price

  • Tonic Vibes Chill – Sublingual Tincture for Anxiety & Pain – $75
  • Ojai Full Spectrum Sports Gel – Topical for direct targeted relief – $45
  • Lock & Key Vapes – Vape cartridge with terpenes – $40
  • Sprig – Sparking CBD Soda that’s a refreshing pick-me-up – $6
  • Functional Remedies – Gel Capsules – $100

cbd oil

Vape Variety Set


 EndoSport Hemp Salve 1/2 oz.

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