Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil

One of my favorite companies I LOVE is Skinny & Co – I tried their pulling oil about a year + ago and fell in love now they have so many amazing products. I think Coconut Oil is genius- I personally use it to help with my chaffing when I have issues with breastfeeding and it really helps and love it on my dry lips and dry skin. I have used it to massage into my scar area after my c – section as well. I use it also on my son’s cheeks and chin that get dry sometimes. If I am going to use Coconut Oil on my skin and my son I want it to be the best so that is why I turn to Skinny & Co. I was able to recently interview Joy from Skinny & Co for this blog as well as an upcoming video I put together with my friend Lara about sustainability coming soon to Caravangirl and Pretty Connected and will be used to put forward our podcast – we are super excited about that but in the interim I was so happy to chat with Joy Reese of Skinny & Co.

Tell me a bit why the company was started?
The company was started when my son, Luke, took a gap year after graduating from college. His gap year turned into a 7-year experience that led him to Southeast Asia and to finding, sourcing, and patenting the best coconut oil on the planet. Meanwhile, Luke’s younger brother fell extremely ill, so my approach to medicine switched to a holistic nature because I recognized that chemicals played a huge role in my patients’ deteriorating health throughout my years of practice. These experiences only proved that we were onto something big and effective for promoting healthier living.

Who are the founders?
My son, Luke, gets the credit here. I joined him later.

Where do you source the coconut oil?
All of our coconuts and coconut oil are sourced directly from Vietnam.

How are you sustainable?
Skinny Coconut Oil is sustainable because it uses revolutionary technology to make unprocessed and 100% raw coconut oil without chemicals or additives. On top of that, all of our products are made with 5 or less ingredients that are full of goodness and that are highly effective in promoting healthier living. We also give back to the remote areas where our ingredients are sourced, by providing jobs, education and subsidized food to help people in these communities.

The shampoo bar is so interesting – how did you come up with that?
People have been using coconut oil on their hair for years, and we knew that. We wanted to make it easier to get the benefits of using coconut oil in your hair by creating a shampoo bar that’s free of parabens, sulfates or phthalates that weigh hair down.

How many times a week do you suggest to oil pull and tell me a bit about that product?
You can do oil pulling every day! The important part is to make sure you do it for at least 5 to 20 minutes when you do. The longer you can do it, the better because that makes it more effective.

What is your favorite part of your collection?
My new favorite part of the collection is a recent product we just launched called Pure Baby! We worked really hard on this because we heard that moms were really making use of coconut oil these days. It’s great for both moms and babies, too, which makes it even more beneficial and exciting.

What is your regime to use Skinny & Co in your daily / weekly routine?
We at Skinny & Co. use all of our products all the time because they’re so easy to incorporate into your daily life! Somethings take more of a conscious effort to make habit, like swapping coconut oil for your normal cooking or baking oil or oil pulling for 20 minutes at a time, but they’re so worth it. I know I personally always have at least our lip balm with me, and I use our other products like the shampoo bar when I shower.

What other products are you loving right now?
Honestly, I pretty much only use our products these days, but I’ve also been using Zilis’ Ultra Cell Topical as a foot balm, and that’s been working really well for me.


They make our patented 100% RAW coconut oil because we believe that eating healthy and living a chemical free lifestyle will change your world.

 Inside and out, Healthy is Beautiful.

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