At Fresh n’ Lean, the philosophy is all about making healthy eating accessible to everyone. 


I have limited time to prep & cook these days — every time I put Tatum down to sleep I need to use the time to pump or to work or to clean or to walk the dogs.  I have my mom to help me but the days go so fast so love that I learned about Fresh N Lean. I love to cook & I also love the ease of Blue Apron but even with Blue Apron it sometimes takes 40 minutes to make dinner. Don’t get me wrong I love it and will continue to enjoy my meals but do need something super easy that is healthy but fast to make on the days I run out of time.

Fresh N Lean is genius ! It is everything you want – fast, healthy, fresh, and smart eating.

I cooked mine in the oven and that took 15 minutes to heat up but there was no prep – just put it in a stove friendly bowl and viola ! a beautiful meal that is not only impressive but delicious !

Meal prep can be time consuming, repetitive, and requires a lot of pre-planning. For anyone looking to eat healthy and organic, but is also looking for convenience, there’s Fresh N Lean. Fresh n’ Lean is the largest, organic ready-to-eat meal delivery service with nationwide shipping for around $10 per meal. Perfect for healthy meals at the office, a quick dinner, or even a breakfast on the go. https://www.freshnlean.com/

Fresh n’ Lean meals arrive in a microwave and oven safe container that you can take with you to eat almost anywhere. These lean meal plans are shipped fresh (never frozen) every week in specially designed coolers with ice packs. The coolers keep your meals tasty and fresh while being delivered to your home or office.


High quality fuel for the human body and mind.

Food has an incredible effect on the way we perform and feel. The ION Performance line features protein rich, low fat, nutrient dense meals. Perfectly suited for active lifestyles and athletes. ION performance meal plans are available in low carb (Paleo friendly) and moderate carb content variations.

  • Customize Your Plan

    Configure your meal plan with additional “Bulk Meals and Sides” to dial in your daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake.

  • Control Your Macros

    Pre-measured sides of high-quality proteins, carbs, and organic veggies give you complete control over your macronutrient profile.

  • Enjoy!

    Enjoy your seasoned, cooked to perfection, and ready to eat ION Performance Meal.

    Meals are vacuum-sealed in BPA-free, recyclable trays. The plastic seals are also recyclable. The trays are delivered in insulated cardboard boxes with ice packs to keep them at safe temperatures.

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