At Caravan have your brand or service be a part of a community. Learn a bit more about Caravan Stylist Studio in the article on Heaven has Heels – in regards to trends in the industry that Caravan offers and why we would like you to check us out….


  • Experiential –  that is what Caravan is an experiential opportunity for a range of guests to experience your product or service
  • More authentic brand engagement – a guest of the studio learns about a product / service – has a great experience and then wants to share that with their friends/ followers.
  • More unique & FUN content – no one is being paid to post but if they enjoyed their experience with a hair product / tech product / wellness product – let’s see what genuine content is created.
  • Be a part of that COMMUNITY– social club where guests visit, network, share ideas about brands & services in a fun setting.
  • Brand EDUCATION – who is educating influencers about your products on the regular — a brand director that can talk about your brand, ethos, history and more to over 250 influencers a year.
  • EVENTS & HAPPENINGS – it is great to show static content – someone posing with your product but don’t you want to be part of something bigger – be a part of a lounge during New York Fashion Week or a Mommy blogger event during Mother’s Day week and more.  We will be seeing a lot more IRL – where try product in real time and are posting about their experience.
  • CONSTANT PROGRAMMING – Brands are spending tons of money on 2 hour events or 1 post –  for an efficient cost you can have an extended program over the course of months where you are showcasing your brand to over 200 influencers.
  • A BRANDED SPACE – a place where you can do reversed desksides, meet ups and more with bloggers, editors, content creators you want to meet & greet with in an unique setting
  • CONTENT CREATION  – Let’s be genuine to the consumer and not make rules – let’s have guests post what they want – when they want – if they like the experience
  • PODCASTS, FB LIVE & More – you want to be part of all of that we have that happening at Caravan in a fun way
  • BUILD YOUR NETWORK IN AN ORGANIC WAY – you want new brand loyalists – that is what we are trying to do – engaging unique content creators, photographers, models, designers, actors, bloggers, producers about your brand
  • PROVIDE SOMETHING THEY WANT  – don’t send another cupcake with a box overfilled with product that they might not even use – let’s be efficient and sustainable and pick out something they will use – they might not want 30 shades of lipgloss – they most likely would prefer that one shade and will value it a ton more – let’s be sustainable and stop it with the expensive packages and bubble wrap – let’s be more conscious on how we market and what we send in 2019
  • heaven has heels



See our video here

Caravan Stylist Studio is just one of the experiential programs we are running for 2019 – if you are interested in any of the above and we peaked your interest – email – check out

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