Things I had in my hostipal bag…. I put so much time into my hostipal bag & some of it was useful but some went out the window when Tatum Michael was  much bigger then expected and decided to turn posterior last minute that I had to get a c – section so a lot of the items were more for a natural birth but what did come in handy was just some of the basic toiletries, comfy clothes, socks and of course the snacks….

My due date was November 6th ( voting day) but Tatum arrived on November 7th — the good news was that the contractions came naturally that morning so I did not need an induction … I tried everything to get him to naturally want to be born … gave him little hints by the foods I ate starting a few days before my due date –

  • Thai food with super spicy trims
  • Baby inducing Eggplant
  • Walking
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Dates
  • Pineapple

My doula was Adrienne from Carriage House who I adored and they have a great list of ideas on what to pack for your hostipal bag –

Who knows if anything worked but I tried it at 3:30 in the morning I woke up on November 7th with what my hypnobirthing class I took called “waves” “surges” Up & down they went but were very far apart – I am a little bit of a workaholic and said if these are what I think they are I need to finish up some work so I got up and started working at 5:30 they got stronger and faster and by 9:00am it was time to call the doula – I was in pain they were coming quickly and stronger — I was sucking on YUM EARTH lollipops that I loved just for a little pick me up and to help with the pain a bit … I used my birthing ball, I tried to lay down, I was a bit uncomfortable – I tried to use my visualization and breathing exercises – by 9:30am we called the doctor and we were off by 10am to Methodist Hostipal which was good timing – I got there and contractions were strong and I was already dilated to 3cm —- Dr. Gregory DeFazio was my doctor when I arrived and by 12:30 I needed the epidural I was so uncomfortable I am glad I got it because I didn’t know my fate later on but why be in that much pain still.. I finally got the epidural a bit later because they had to get me a room to administer it – as soon as it started working I could talk again, the cursing stopped and I was more relaxed – the only thing was no more walking around and no snacks just ice chips !

My doula arrived around 5pm because we were waiting to see what was happening and unfortunately by then the little guy switched his positioning and also I stopped dilating at 6cm and hours had gone by – so then the doctors switched their shifts and I had Dr. Mark DeFazio who was awesome and advised I should do a c section – baby was big – positioning – and so much time went by — so we did we prepped for surgery and I have to admit it wasn’t as bad as I thought – I wasn’t out of it – and I heard when baby was coming they told me and all of a sudden he was there and crying just like you see in the movies and I got to hold him and Scott got to hold him and it was incredible !

Adrienne from Carriage House

tatum with adrienne

At 8:44 on November 7th Tatum Michael Krause was born and he was 9.5 lbs and 21 inches so it was good we did a c section in the end especially I think he was posterior – I knew he was safe.

I was a bit sad I didn’t have a fully natural birth but I did experience labor which was hard but at least I had part of that experience and started labor off without intervention.

After they finished getting me fixed up we went into the post op room and I got to breastfeed him for the first time and spend time with him and my mom came in and saw him and then we got a room and I was still hooked up to machines so they had to help me feed him throughout the night but he did well he was so sleepy – the next day I was released from all the wires except some pain meds through IV and anti naseau meds I got sick a few times the next day maybe from the epidural  – who knows so that was coming through my IV – but by night I could eat again and felt much better.

So all the snacks came in handy for sure just as little munchies from ORGAIN to COCONUT ENERGY BALLS to some of the yummiest treats for the days that followed – we Tatum was born on Wednesday evening and I stayed in hostipal till Saturday around noon … so snacks were handy ….. and love these treats from STONERIDGE ORCHARDS – they say cacao is so good for you – and it makes me happy plus now they have some low in sugar products that are ok for me when I am not supposed to have anything too much high in sugar !

I was just introduced to this amazingness…

stoneridge photo

A little chocolate never hurt anyone, especially if it’s coating premium dried fruit grown straight on a third-generation family orchard. Wrapped in 70% cocoa dark chocolate (the healthy kind), dried fruit never tasted this good! Stoneridge Orchards’ covered fruits include coated Montmorency cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries – all produced without sulfites, artificial preservatives, colors, hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup.  Luckily, Stoneridge Orchards is changing up the snack game with their new Reduced Sugar organic dried fruit product line. Available in Blueberries, Cranberries, and dried Montmorency Cherries—these snacks are healthier than before with only 130 calories (per serving), 50% less sugar than before and are rich with fiber, free of preservative, non-GMO, and gluten/allergen free. Love this story about their history : Humble Beginnings – In the early 1960s, the State of Washington had a modern homesteading lottery, with the lucky “winners” getting 160 acres of land in Central Washington for farming. At the time, Karl Dorsing was living outside of Salem, Oregon, and had a dream to farm his own land.  So, in 1962, Karl entered — and won – Washington’s modern homesteading lottery and moved his family to their new property outside of Royal City, Washington.  As they say, the rest is history…


JUSTINS JUSTINS YOU ARE MY FAVORITE I love my nut butters and I love Justins


Mini White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups



Classic Cashew Butter

This company started in 2004 to fuel long bike rides – well it definitely helped me a bit earlier in the first hours of labor for some fuel to get me through contractions and then then days after the surgery just to get some yummy healthy protein back in my body.


The story began when Justin Gold, a lover of the active lifestyle, moved to Boulder, Colorado in his 20’s. In order to fuel his long bike rides, Justin embarked on a mission to create new varieties of nut butter that not only packed the protein, but also tasted great. He began crafting the very first batches of his now-famous, culinary nut butters in his home kitchen.

More at :


I learned a bit about Pistachios here and have been eating them a bit throughout pregnancy :

This yummyness – Pistachio + Plum Chewy Bites are all-natural bite-sized bars packed with over 50% California grown pistachios, plums, date nectar and a touch of lemon. Each individually wrapped bite is loaded with protein, fiber, iron, potassium and antioxidants making them an ideal, on-the-go, heart healthy snack that is both delicious and nutrient dense. Made by Setton Farms is a family owned business based in California’s Central Valley and are the 2nd largest producer and processor of pistachios in the United States. The business started as a small bakery in Brooklyn in 1959 and expanded to growing pistachios in 1987. They are a vertically integrated company and are able to focus on every step of the pistachio process from harvesting, to processing, to shipping. The processing plant has a 1.7MW solar power system and their post-harvest operations is 100% solar powered. Their products range from plain pistachios to flavored pistachios to their iconic Pistachio Chewy Bites.

Setton Farms 287826 Pistachio Original Bites 6 Pk, Pack of 1



Some fun products I packed for my bag to make me feel just “normal” again ….


Goodies I received from  important to have clean products that you are putting on your biggest organ your SKIN once you give birth, and are trying to learn about your baby and still want to feel clean and refreshed – The Clean Beauty Box
A monthly, themed assortment of clean and cruelty-free beauty products.

Women use an average of 12 products a day which contain an estimated 168 chemicals, many of which have been proven toxic.

The average beauty product costs $30-$60 and purchasing new products can be a shot in the dark –  the exceptional value of 2-4 products each month for the same amount that you’d pay for just one. Each box starts at just $37.95 + Free Shipping

Definitely lots of HAPPY SOCKS – they just make you smile !








Also for clothes I had Scott for my “push gift” get me a bunch of useful sweatpants, a new comfy robe, some nursing tanks & bras and a long open sweatshirt – these made me feel renewed in hostipal and comfy and were so awesome – I bought a bunch from the H&M conscious collection & then a mix of other shops– 2 of my favorite sweatpants came from SPIRTUAL GANGSTER

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