First I want to thank the awesome Christine Williamson White who is so funny and so kind but has so much info. It is so overwhelming being a new mom and dad to be and figuring out what you need.  For all in this position whose parent or someone keeps asking – where are you registered? when are you registering? and you are so perplexed know we have been there – I learned so much from everyone at BUY BUY BABY and their easy register system online – it gives you by category suggestions for what you will need from nail clippers to strollers – it is like everything you need to see what is best for you.

fashion show

And then I did a fashion show for BUY BUY BABY after meeting Christine and met some amazing moms / moms to be and met the founder of STOWAWAY – I love these clothes – and love that it is a mother / daughter team how fun !

Their story :

Stowaway Collection was born with a determination to bring the maternity retail industry up to speed with the rest of the fashion world. They made shopping online easier with simple size guides (what size you were before you were pregnant is most likely the size you are in Stowaway), and they get all orders to you with free shipping (within US) and free returns.

Stowaway was created with the following premise:

-designed to take you from desk to dinner, dressed up or down easily

-made in the USA

-designed to highlight and show off your pregnant bump

-stretchy, comfortable and more importantly flattering

-luxurious fabrics (like Supima Cotton Stretch) made to wear post-pregnancy, too

I wore this dress under $100 and one of the most comfortable dresses EVER !

Then the craziest thing happened my mom must have done a raffle and my dad must have sent us a little gift from above but we won the most amazing STROLLER / CAR SEAT combo ever that is small – adorable and so chic – DOONA

The brand’s story from the founder in his words :

“Simple Parenting’s voyage began with my desire to create a safe and simple environment for the most precious thing in my life – my newborn daughter Danielle (“Doona”). When my wife and I had our first daughter, we felt the need to spend as much quality time with her and took her everywhere. While we understood the importance of protecting her, the day-to-day use of infant car seats and strollers was agonizing.

From my small designer’s workshop, I set a clear goal in mind: To transform the infant car seat into something safe yet simple and practical. This was the idea behind Doona™, the first product from Simple Parenting™.

Today Simple Parenting’s vision is to share this passion with all parents around the globe, constantly striving to design products that will inspire parents and help them in the first stages of parenthood.

Simple Parenting™ is committed to this vision and welcomes you to join its exciting Journey.”

Yoav Mazar


“Inspiring Practical Parenthood”


Creating products that simplify the lives of parents and their babies, taking into consideration practicality, ease of use and product enjoyment, while putting safety, quality and design as top priorities.


They  pledge to identify pain-points in day-to-day parenting and leverage our broad capabilities and experience to alleviate these pains and introduce high-quality products and solutions that truly make an impact on families around the world.

You can learn more here :

Another brand I heard about and received some goodies from that I AM LOVING and that sell to BUY BUY BABY is

Finally, you can speed up prep time without exposing
breastmilk to nutrient-damaging temperatures.


You can learn a ton more here :

Uniquely designed bottles improve the entire process of feeding breastmilk from a bottle. From pumping through storing and warming, the nanobébé bottle protects your breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself. For the nanobébé team, babies’ health is paramount and it is our goal is to help mom, dad and caregivers adhere to the highest standards of health by keeping babies on breastmilk for as long as possible.

Definitely check them out for when you have to start bottling your breastmilk and also they have the most interesting pacifiers too so glad that they sent me some product and will try it on Baby Boy Krause.

Also something else I discovered at BUY BUY BABY I love is LITTLE ME

About Little Me

Can you say Christmas outfit ?

So many cute pieces here :

Did I say there are onesies with puppies on them — TOTALLY so cute – that called for multiple sizes !



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