Instead of having a traditional shower I asked my mom if we could do a Blessingway. Special thanks to my mom for asking to do something and making this happen – I originally thought no shower but then we came up with this beautiful mix to demonstrate all the love and gratefulness I have for my sisters.


I use the word Blessingway lightly now since this is a name that comes from Navajo tradition and we never want to dishonor any cultural tradition. In the end I think I would like to move forward calling it a BLESSING from friends and family. I am super interested in Navajo tradition and have been for years spending time in New Mexico and Arizona & learning about these traditions a bit but also my son will be a bit of Native American – my father in law says he has heritage with the

When I read about Blessingways I wanted to find someone that has some background in performing these and I was lucky to find Erica from to show us the way.  I also asked my friend Laura to include some Kundalani into the day.

best ceremony pic

So my day consisted of guests joining having some yummy food from POPPY’s woman owned business ! and my favorite restaurant / cafe MAMAN –

poppy and mamanpoppy 2poppy 3poppy 4poppy and maman

Along with wine from SISTERS of NEW ZEALAND and yummy MY/ MO MOCHI


My mother and father found these beautiful chocolates with ice cream trucks — ahh that they worked on with PATCHI  we used them for our fashion show with LIVARI

patchi .jpg

speaking of my father who I miss so very much who was so excited to be a part of this and we were hoping he would push through but honored him with an altar I set up because I know he was there in spirit

altar setupaltar

my dad

We did ask everyone to visit the nursery to give a blessing there that is important so baby feels a ton of joy & blessings when he comes into his room


I did get a beautiful circle made on ETSY with a saying I found online – she was incredible to work with

me no no

I had a decal on the step – so wonderful to work with

A pumpkin decal made for decor –

pumpkin .jpg

Flowers came from my friends at  and my mother in law put them all together a lot in BALL jars our favorite

food pic ball


My mom did a lovely job finding all the table runners/ cloths and beautiful napkins – I loved the napkins

We tried to be as eco as possible !! We also served all drinks in blue ( for a boy ) ball jars- I love my ball jars !

I tried to have books around for all my WONDER WOMEN I love this one :

I Am a Wonder Woman is an entertaining and inspirational look at some of the most influential women in history, from ancient times to the modern day. Each page is filled with amazing stories about the women who have shaped the world and inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Readers can step into the lives of these pioneers by completing unique activities and answering thought-provoking questions.

Check it out on AMAZON –

So everyone had some snacks  and then we set up the space with some yummy faux sheepskin rugs / meditation pillows, benches and more and Erica began – she started with some poetry and such I found online as recommendations and then we went around introducing ourselves, then I wrote a letter to everyone in attendance and then we did some of the rituals – we built a spider web of string – we did a Kundalani chant, and then  we danced- can’t have a DeSola party without dancing a bit….




Viva is amazing

me and viva 2

then concluded with cake/ cookies/ mochi ice cream all my favorite things!

mamanmaman 2maman 3

You can learn more about Blessingways here :

Of course reaching out to Erica if you are in the area to have her create one for you.

Photos from EMMA DIMARCO she is amazing !

I don’t want to talk too much about what we did because it was so very special to me and the ladies who attended we were part of something special but do recommend bring your sisters together and doing something like this when you can – it was beautiful to bring many generations together and friends & family for something that I will remember forever.

love me and scott 3 .jpg

I don’t really shop too much but sometimes I add some pieces to my collection but I want them to be special I was given the most beautiful dress from Lulu’s that was perfect for my BLESSINGWAY.  I didn’t purchase too many maternity clothes I just sized up so I could wear pieces again and I am definitely going to wear this dress a lot – Thanks Lulu’s for being part of my special day ! It had such a nice hand and the color was perfect.



me and scott outside




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