Thank you to : and their CEO Lauren Gropper for the amazing dishes & utensils I used for my women’s circle that I had with a mix of family & friends.


Check them out easily at


Created by eco-entrepreneurs driven to positively impact the environment by changing everyday behavior. By purchasing from repurpose you are supporting a women owned, sustainable company that is changing the world one cup, plate, and fork at a time.

Repurpose® a team from a variety of different backgrounds dedicated to creating a positive impact through business. Founder & CEO Lauren Gropper has spent her career focused on sustainability and Repurpose® was born through a dream to create an everyday product that could impact millions of people.


Some of my favorite items I tried from the brand :

   Repurpose Plates are made 100% from plants, Chlorine free, renewable and compostable. They are heavy duty and made from renewable materials.  Repurpose Straws are made 100% from plants. They are flexible and won't crack or break. Our straws are free of all the things consumers don’t want: BPA, oil based inks, and petroleum—leaving only what they do want - durable, eco- friendly straws at an affordable price.

 Repurpose Utensils are made 100% from plants, renewable and compostable. They are high heat resistant, heavy duty and durable  Repurpose Cold Cups are made 100% from plants, BPA free, renewable and compostable. Can be used for cold liquids only.


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