One of the big reasons I wanted to go to Lake Placid is because I wanted to go to the WILD CENTER – it looked so awesome and was always on my list of things to do. I really enjoyed it – they have this amazing wild walk & also iforest that were incredible. I like the inside exhibitions but for me the outside exhibitions were awesome. I wish I could have went on a canoe or paddleboard tour but since we had to leave the dogs behind at the airbnb we had limited time & wanted to make sure to have enough time just to visit the Wild Walk and the rest of the outdoor installations.

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When the High Line opened in New York in 2009, it surprised people. Perhaps they felt that from windows and bridges and on movie screens, every angle of the city had been explored. It turned out that a simple change of perspective opened up a brand new way to see New York.

In his review in The New York Times, then architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff described the effect this way. “… as mesmerizing as the design is, it is the height of the High Line that makes it so magical, and that has such a profound effect on how you view the city. Lifted just three stories above the ground, you are suddenly able to perceive, with remarkable clarity, aspects of the city’s character you would never glean from an office….The High Line is the only place in New York where you can have this experience — one that is as singular in its way as standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.”

The Adirondacks are traversed with trails, but even the one that ascends to the state’s highest point on the peak of Mt Marcy, a summit five times higher than the deck of the Empire State Building, leaves the walker always at ground level.

Wild Walk is a chance to walk among the trees at a height that matches the High Line. “It’s surprising when you get up there to suddenly see things in a way you’ve never seen before,” said Derek Prior, who led the graphics team for the project. “It’s not that you might have never climbed a tree, or looked out a window at a scene, it’s simply that walking along the treetops in a place you have never been, and because of that, you just see everything in a different light, and can start to imagine how our regular point of view, that seemed pretty big, is really just fractional.”

iForest: An Immersive Sound Experience

You’ve seen the world from a new perspective on Wild Walk. Now, experience and connect with the natural world through music in iForest: One of the first immersive sound and art installations of its kind on The Wild Center’s campus in Tupper Lake.

iForest is the brainchild of British composer Pete M. Wyer and features the place-based musical composition “I Walk Towards Myself,” created by Wyer for this specific space and land in the Adirondack forest. The composition features voices from members of The Crossing, the renowned Philadelphia-based chamber choir, which are broadcast via twenty four hidden speakers in the surrounding woods.

Walk along iForest’s path and take in the music and sounds of “I Walk Towards Myself.” With each step, evoke a new feeling, revel in a new sound, or listen to a new voice. The beauty of the iForest experience is that it morphs and changes not only with each step, but each shift in weather, season, and day.


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