After Scribner’s our last stop was Bovina – we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that was pretty but wouldn’t recommend it fully – if we go back again we would stay in our tipi at Mystic Lodge we love or above Brushland Eating House.

We planned this so we could go to some of the farms in the area and to Andes & Delhi two nearby towns and also of course to Brushland Eating House.


One of the highlights of our trip because we are dog loving nerds is our experience at where we went Blueberry picking and it was just us so we were able to let the dogs off leash and they had a blast – we also got to pick a ton of blueberries & hang out with some fun farm animals from chickens to goats. It is a beautiful farm experience. 20180728_10010020180728_10102420180728_10020120180728_10065720180728_10094020180728_10091520180728_101248020180728_10214620180728_10251420180728_10264420180728_10303020180728_10332520180728_11495020180728_103507

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