#IDOEMBELLISH with the P-touch Embellish

I recently attended a lovely event from one of my favorite brands BROTHER for their P-Touch machine which was so informative, so DIY, so useful and the sweetest event.

I used it that very night to customize some ribbon for my sister – in – law’s wedding so it was perfect.

Some facts : 

The P-touch Embellish supply line includes 5 satin ribbons, 9 pattern tapes and 3 pastel tapes

  • Coming soon – light blue ribbon and a new line of washi tapes, available later in 2018!
  • The P-touch Embellish is available in Michaels Stores, at Michaels.com and at Joann.com.
  • All 9 pattern tapes and 3 pastel tapes are available at all retailers.
  • The P-touch Embellish works with satin ribbons and patterned tapes ~1/2” (0.47”) wide.
  • It also works with P-touch TZe tapes up to ~1/2” (0.47”) wide.
  • P-touch Embellish is priced at $59.99 for the machine and $9.99 for the supplies.


Easily add your personal touch to satin ribbon and decorative tape! Personalize ribbon and tape with a selection of 14 fonts, 90+ borders, 400+ symbols, and 25 patterns. Print continuous patterns, repeating text or use the included templates for a variety of fun ribbon printing options. Loaded with easy features like 1-touch keys and print preview. Great for gift-wrapping, party favors, craft projects and more!

I was able to try my very own plus create an incredible bouquet of flowers …. with my ribbon that said love, Carvangirl — btw check out my pretty bracelet from Sheila Gray

ptouch 2

ptouch 4

ptouch 5ptouch 6ptouch 7ptouch 8ptouch 9ptouch 10

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