Mister Maginsky

For many years I worked on a well – known men’s underwear company from tons of celebrity connections to fashion shows ! It was a great underwear company that looked great and was always working with new tech fibers.

I recently learned about Mister Maginsky and they offered to send a box to check out and thought they were super smart and innovative.  I would definitely suggest them. I love when companies think out of the box and do something totally new but sensible !

Mister Maginsky created  logical mens underwear.


Mister Maginsky believes that male underwear should be logical and geared towards the male anatomy, which is why today, his underwear is different.

Mister Maginsky underwear separates, and thereby liberates, what has always been separated by nature yet barbarically trapped by human fashion.


Basically nature has already designed human body to perfection, Mister Maginsky followed and created the two-compartment mens underwear. Simple&Smart&Logical.

Order, notes Mister Maginsky, equals hygiene, and both should be top priorities in every gentleman’s life.


You’re Welcome.



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