SUPERFOOD BARS : TahiniBar and Redd

I love Tahini so when I heard about an energy bar made with it I jumped at the chance to give it a shot – Absolutely Gluten Free Introduces TahiniBAR, the Energy Bar Made From Sesame Seeds

Available in Three Exciting Varieties: Cocoa Nibs, Pistachio, and Vanilla

I loved all the flavors especially pistachio – so amazing !

TahiniBAR, a grab-and-go sesame seed snack that weighs in at only 100 calories. All varieties are certified OU Kosher and dairy-free. Sesame seeds are truly one of the most ancient foods on earth. In fact, sesame plants are the oldest known plant species to be grown primarily for their seeds (pods) and oils rather than for their leaves, fruit or vegetables.

Health Benefits – Sesame seeds are an excellent source of copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum, and selenium. These translate into a variety of health benefits including cholesterol-lowering phytosterols, heart health, improved blood pressure, hormone balance, as well as cancer fighting and fat burning properties. Sesame also helps boost nutrient absorption and energy levels, too.

TahiniBAR satisfies all of these demands in a novel new format. Like tahini and its decadent dessert cousin, halvah, the energy bars are made from all-natural roasted sesame seeds. Sesame seeds help boost energy levels and are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and potassium.  Much lower in calories than many other bars, this 100% gluten-free treat is available in three delectable varieties – Cocoa Nibs, Pistachio, and Vanilla – and sold in packs of 7 bars (4.4 oz.). The MSRP is $2.49 – $2.99 per bar.

Absolutely Gluten Free is headquartered in Bayonne, NJ, and currently has a line of gluten free flatbreads and crackers, Superseed Crunch, Blondies and cauliflower crusted pizza, among other items, available in stores nationwide.


I love discovering healthy energy bars so was so excited to find out about the TahiniBar and then also heard about Redd during the same week.

Get this  if you like Salted Caramel you will love this ….

 Redd is obsessed with creating the most delicious energy bars, and they’re fired up to back up their flavor claim with the launch of Salted Caramel. Not only is this new superfood bar indulgent, it provides powerful function including 23 vitamins and minerals and a satiating 10 grams of protein in each serving.

More is More –Bars offer a huge range of powerful ingredients including 11 superfoods that provide a wide array of nutrients and bold flavors including acai, goji berries, mangosteen, schizandra, and maca – Yerba maté provides an energy boost with 35+ mg of clean caffeine, while the complex carb structure delivers energy continuously throughout the day (or night).

Part protein bar, part energy shot, and part multivitamin, Redd superfood bars integrate innovations from nutritional science, natural chemistry and human performance engineering to provide complete, all natural energy. The bars are certified gluten free, 100% vegan, 70% organic, low glycemic and free of dairy, soy, GMOs, refined sugars and anything artificial.

One key contributor to Redd’s success over lesser bars is the use of pumpkin seed protein as a featured ingredient. Pumpkin seed is a clean, plant-based protein source known to be easier for the body to digest.

The delicious Salted Caramel energy and protein bar joins Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and Chocolate in the Redd bar lineup. Redd Salted Caramel superfood bar is $2.99.
About Redd

Born in Portland, Maine, Redd is a first-of-its-kind superfood energy bar designed for people that appreciate flavor and don’t want to let busy lifestyles rule out healthy ones. Founder Alden Blease first experimented with functional foods as a high school athlete. After a career in Manhattan’s fashion industry, Blease returned to Maine and enrolled in a Biological Engineering program, where he created an energy bar capable of supporting his demanding schedule. Blease perfected his recipe and started selling his creations to fellow students and health food stores under the name “Rawgasms,” which he soon transitioned to Redd. To this day, the brand’s aesthetic remains strongly influenced by the clean design sensibilities of the fashion world Blease once inhabited in New York City. Learn more at:



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