Graham & Brown wallpaper project

I am working on a home improvement project along with the help of GRAHAM & BROWN – I am so excited because this wallpaper is my dream wallpaper and they finally had it in the US.

My project is a bit delayed because we are in the midst of getting eco – foam put in the walls for insulation but the company providing it wasn’t very eco – so we had to do some research to figure out one that was ….. more about that soon – so we just switched companies and we are on a waiting list – so hopefully that will be complete in the next few weeks and we will wallpaper right after. We have the new tile for the floor as well.

The theme for our house is a zen french cafe…. I love Maman the cafe  it is one of my favorite places and I also love Japanese bonsai and jut the vibe of a room that makes you feel relaxed so all parts of the house we are trying to create something sweet and pretty but zen.  Maman has some great Shibori prints in their cafe so when I saw this print from Graham & Brown I loved it so much.

This is a bit of our vibe now so you can see how this would work:

living space

wallpaper 2

I love the blue that is the tone of the Maman cafe with all these pretty blues but it might seem too much in a small space and then if we ever want to switch her pop color it would be tricky so we are going with the grey which is quite beautiful.  We are also redoing the tile with this black and grey tile that I think will make it really come together. This is in our living area so quite open so guests will see it.

We are working with Daniel Barthels  @ Perfectionist Painting who does a great job to wallpaper the space.

Why choose wallpaper? Wallpaper is the quickest and easiest way to instantly add style to your home. Modern paste-the-wall wallpaper technology means you can decorate a room in just a few hours, with no paste table and no mess. Whether you want to use wallpaper for a striking accent wall or use wall coverings to add texture to a whole room, it’s simple and easy. In addition to looking great, wallpaper is great for kitchens and bathroomswhere water resistance and easy cleanup are important.

Wallcoverings are now a fashion essential for homes and are available in a huge range of trendy patterns and colors. Designer Wallpaper featuring top interior designer Kelly Hoppen, Damask Wallpaper and Modern Geometric Wallpaper are some of our bestsellers, as well as textured wallpaper and Vintage and Retro Wallpaper styles. Paintable Wallpaper is also a big hit thanks to it’s ability to cover uneven surfaces and homeowners love that it’s easy to remove. No more headaches removing old when the time comes for a new look, just paint over it or pull it off!

You can find great deals on affordable wallpapers when you shop the Graham & Brown Wallpaper collections.

There are so many choices and then you can also check out all the amazing designers as well here –

I also love that Graham & Brown has all these tips and tricks

More to come soon on this fun renovation project !


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