A story of a beautiful collection created by a Mother & Entrepreneur – PARK & BUZZ

earring 3earring 2love

I love earrings that make me smile that have a bit of humor to them like for me I love these squirrels because they remind me of my dog always trying to bark and chase the squirrels in our backyard… I also am loving mismatching earrings these days…

I love that Park & Buzz is created by a female entrepreneur :

Starting from childhood, Amanda was always known to create, craft and draw and dream up big ideas. Art was her passion, and so was starting a business. Her first business that she could recall was a rootbeer float stand, ( hey, you gotta stand out from all those lemonade stands ) and sadly it ended on day one. Next, was drafting a business plan at around age 10 or 11 for a summer restaurant in her grandparents backyard because of the gorgeous setting. Sounds like a good plan, right!? Uh, not quite…obviously that never did fly, likely due to all the red tape and costs. Around this same time was when she actually sold her first piece of jewelry. They were long seed bead necklaces that she sent with her great aunt to sell at a craft show priced at $5.00. Yep, they sold, but an epic fail, her aunt had lowered the price to $0.50 because she didn’t think they would sell. However, another aunt that owned a store in a small town liked them, and sold them to her customers for a much better price.

Fast forward a few years…….

Amanda found herself modelling, and acting. Appearing in commercials, ads, movies of the week, tv series, and feature films. However, the two highlights of her acting career also were the tipping point to the start of Park and Buzz. Her highlights were working on “Just Friends” the feature film, and “Corner Gas” hit tv sitcom series. While working on those projects was amazing, the 14+ hour days were not. It meant she never saw her kids. Gone before they woke up and walking in the door long after they were asleep. She knew that no amount of money would ever buy the time back with her kids. So stopping film life, and staying home with the kids became her priority. To keep busy, and keep creative she started selling paintings online and at art shows where she was the featured artist. It was at one of her opening night shows that she brought her first few creations to see if they would sell. And sell they did! Almost everything sold out that night. One thing lead to the next with stores, and orders which brings us to today.

Her jewelry is shipped all over the world. Amanda now has a passion for coaching other entrepreneurs, especially moms, realize their potential as well.

They give back as well :

The brand sponsors  32 orphans and young adults –  It started as a struggling orphanage that it’s original founders could no longer maintain. Kids beds were lice ridden if they had beds at all. Their clothes were literally thread bare and full of holes. Meals day to day were questionable. All the kids that were there were made fun of in the village. So the founders asked Victory Churches International to step in and help out by taking over. At the time, 110 kids needed sponsorship. It has now also grown to add sponsorship for the kids that are too old to be under the orphanage but need help transitioning into adulthood by teaching life skills through secondary education. So they help sponsor 16 orphans and 16 young adults. What is even better, and the reason why they sponsor through this organization is because pretty much all funds ( or all the funds ) raised go directly to the actual cause –  It is run by volunteers so funds can go directly there to help.



I talk about the earrings but they sell necklaces, rings and so much more check it out :



3 Ring Mixed Metal Necklace

Moonstone Love Knot Ring

Marble Tassel Bracelet

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