Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas, a Baltimore based couple with backgrounds in product development and design. They fabricated their first cutting board from leftover butcher block as holiday gifts for friends and family. They now personalize them how cool !

Today, amid a sea of choices for cutting boards, Words with Boards® is the only company that hand-cuts words into the wood. Hand- crafted from sustainably forested American hardwoods, our one-of-a-kind boards are made and hand-finished in our newly expanded studio in Baltimore’s eclectic Hampden community.

I had some questions for this awesome entrepreneur couple – I bothered Kim with several questions & loved hearing back from this creative !

How did you come up with this idea? I cut the first cutting board with words cut out in a Junior High woodshop class. I still have it. 

What do you hope to do with this brand ? To keep expanding the product offering. We will be adding accessories like a cutting board stand and cheese knives to the website soon as well as a seder plate. We are also thinking about personalized baby gifts and have designed a baby birth stats wall hanging we are pretty excited about. We survey our customers and they give us great feedback.

Wood bowls and spoons are also on our radar.

What is your dream as an entrepreneur? My dream would be to work with someone like Marcus Lemonis to help us take this to the next level.

What is your background – why cutting boards ? The inspiration came from the one I cut in Junior High. We started at small farmers markets and everything just snowballed from there. The next thing we knew we were on Oprah’s Favorite Things List Holiday 2015!

What is your favorite offering ? The personalized lazy susans are pretty great!

What is your favorite thing to cook ? That depends on the season. Right now my favorite thing to cook is soup.

Do you have a favorite way to utilize words with boards ? I have 2 small boards that say Chop on my countertop that I use daily to cut on. Then we have a round board that says Mike and Kim that we love to serve cheese and crackers on. We also use our crab trivet daily. Our boards also double as décor.

What is the product offering what can people expect to find on your website Currently we offer personalized cutting boards, lazy susans, wine racks and meat boards. We offer boards that say Seriously Gluten free (great for celiacs to use), Seriously Kosher (for people who keep a kosher kitchen) and Seriously Vegan. We also offer trivets and pet leash boards.


We are not the PEREZ family but we are the KRAUSES and I tease all the time I say welcome to the KRAUSE HOUSE !

There are so many choices !


$ 159
 Large Horizontal Personalized Cutting Board ~ Top Text
$ 159
Oval Personalized Cutting Board

$ 159
 What great wedding gifts just the simple but beautiful :
 Want to stay under $50 otherwise go for a powerful TRIVET :
TRIVET - XO - LOVE - wooden trivets - Words with Boards
 - 1
Want to make sure guests know something is GLUTEN FREE – you are serious about it here you go


I loved reading their blog by the way fun story on PINEAPPLES !

Also know someone celebrating a fifth year anniversary this is a perfect gift – according to their blog –

Well, to start, trees are a symbol of strength and wisdom. And, the thought is by the fifth year, the marriage is also developing these same traits. Wood is durable and a wood cutting board carved with the couple’s name, is a symbol that the marriage will be the same. So wood it is! Technically, we have etiquette maven Emily Post to thank for wood’s appearance on fifth anniversary wish lists. In her book Etiquette, which was published back in 1922, she assigned “traditional” gifts to different anniversary years.


I love this video too :


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