Grace Eleyae satin pillowcase

That is me power napping … as you can see a bit bright in background but what you have to do to get through fashion week sometimes… I have my snuggle bunnies Noel & Barrett but Scott he has the cotton pillowcase so obviously not having a good sleep like me who has that fancy satin pillowcase …. keeping me comfy and keeping my hair neat and ready to go to the next show…

Grace Eleyae Satin Pillowcase CollectionWith no clunky zippers and no way for your pillow to slide out – it’s great for your hair and skin, too.

I am all about a SATIN PILLOWCASE for both my hair to stay nice until the next morning, power naps ! and of course trying to avoid wrinkles & let’s face it a satin pillowcase makes you feel like a princess and like you are living the luxe life! I loved trying the Grace Eleyae because it is the softest pillowcase ever I love having it and I love the color it is so pretty in my grey tone bedroom. The color palette is really lovely.

Satin Pillowcases

They also make turbans, wraps, scrunchies and more.

It is well priced at $34.95. I have washed it a few times now and the quality is superb.

Ivory | Satin Pillowcase

Grace Eleyae  is a family-run business committed to promoting healthy, fashionable living by creating and distributing functional, fashionable and elegantly timeless products for the health of curly hair.

Dedicated to fighting dry hair and bedhead – Grace Eleyae’s products are fulfilling a need for women everywhere and providing them with confidence to conquer their worlds by offering solutions for the busy multi-taskers who want to look and feel confident while investing in being their best, most beautiful selves.

The Story Behind Our Satin Hair Products

One secret for protecting your hair at night and avoiding a detangling nightmare in the morning is to sleep wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. Why not take this tried-and-true tip and add a flair of fashion? This is how Grace Eleyae was inspired to create a line of versatile satin hair products that combine style, comfort and functionality for the modern woman. Whether you are seeking a more stylish way to adequately protect and maintain your tresses while running weekend errands or struggling with the decision between looking good for your significant other when going to bed or having manageable hair in the morning, Grace Eleyae has created your solution with the Slap (Satin-Lined Caps)®, satin pillowcases, satin scrunchies and more.

What, exactly, is satin?

Satin is a method for making fabric. It’s a type of textile weave that creates a glossy fabric, and is created with silk, polyester, wool, nylon, cotton, and/or rayon. In everyday conversation, satin is used to describe specific types of fabric.

The process of making true satin is very specific. First, bring four threads that run vertically (called warp strands) to the surface of the fabric. The warp strands will “float” over a single thread that runs horizontally (called a weft strand). This method lets large areas of the thread reflect light, which makes the fabric glossy on one side.

To make the satin shiny on both sides, called double-faced satin, use two sets of warp strands.


BTW these are so chic –

Lola Satin-Lined Knot Turban

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