I really love Katie Vernon’s art, use of color and how everything is so happy & bright – I am definitely wall papering a wall in her work – I really love it.
I was able to interview this lovely artist about her work and am in need of the tent from Anthropologie – on my wish list. Check out her latest project and you will have a feast of stickers !!!

Check out wallpaper, gift wrap and more also ROOSTERY rules I need to order some pieces from there :

I especially love this AWESOME journal that was sent to me :


A Weekly Planner for Creative Thinkers

Visualize your creative goals with the Make Art Every Day weekly planner–then make them a reality! This 52-week calendar and sticker set, written and beautifully illustrated by artist Katie Vernon, guides aspiring artists as they learn about, plan for, engage in, and nurture their creative practice. Your art journey opens with guidance on basic hand lettering and writing techniques, mark-making in pencil, pen, and marker, working with color, and handling watercolor and acrylic paints. The weekly format makes it easy to start your creative year at any time. Each week offers 2 to 3 mini-exercises, and basic art techniques, like drawing a simple flower or painting a landscape in watercolor. Plus, this motivational planner includes 500 stickers to encourage you to Take Quiet Time, Make an Art Date, and Explore Something New.


Make Art Every Day features:

  • A unique approach to creating art, inspired by the current interest in analog life planners, organizers, and agendas
  • A customizable format and stickers that are authentic to planner aficionados
  • Exercises and art techniques that are a great fit for aspiring artists.


Katie Vernon is an illustrator who has spent most of her life in the Midwest but whose heart belongs in the mountains. She is a trend leader and a master watercolorist, and winner of the 2015 Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. Her inspiration comes from being a florist, working with alpacas, and living on a bus. She’s worked with Ikea, The Land of Nod, Hallmark, Oopsy Daisy, and Chronicle Books; and has been featured on HGTV, Design*Sponge, and OhJoy! Some of her favorite things include rearranging furniture, seltzer water, and two different species of animals becoming friends. Katie is also rather fond of her partner, daughter, and part-dingo dog. She lives in Evanston, Illinois.

Here is my fun interview with her :::::

What is your background ? How did you get started ? 

I was always an “artsy” kid growing up and then studied Visual Communications and Design at the University of Dayton with a focus on illustration. After college I decided I didn’t want to be an illustrator and worked odd jobs (book binder, winery tour guide, florist, landscaper) for a number of years. Eventually illustration came back into my life after a few pieces I made for fun were featured on some blogs and I started being approached for jobs. The real turning point came when I entered Lilla Rogers’s global talent search and am not represented by her agency. I’ve been busy every since!


Why create this art journal ? What do you hope the user/ reader gains from this book project ?

Being creative and making art for a living or just for fun can be hard work. It takes dedication and planning to make art regularly and to avoid burning out. There are many things that support daily creativity (finding inspiration, making connections with other creatives, dreaming of goals, etc.) and so I wanted to encourage people to view those supporting creative exercises as part of the art making process. I don’t want people to feel bad if they miss a day of art making- especially since it’s so easy to look at Instagram (and all the daily art challenges) and feel discouraged if you’re not making awesome art to post. Most of all- I want people who use the book to have fun and feel supported in their creative journey.


Any other projects on the horizon? 
Lots! Perhaps the most interesting one is creating a few more (I did one last year) illustrations for the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.
What do you love to create / draw ? 


I love making work that makes me giggle- which often means it’s just a little bit weird.



What are some of the products you have created or what is available of your artwork ?


To name just a few: I have some large map pieces with Oopsy Daisy- some of which end up at Land of Nod, tons of work with paper/card/stationary company Roger La Borde, and I’ve done the illustrations for “The Gratitude Journal for Women” and “Practical Magic” – two books that came out last year.



I love the tent at Anthropologie – what was the inspiration in that artwork ?

I wanted to create a pattern that I would have loved getting lost in as a kid. I also adore the wilderness and have spent lots of time camping, backpacking, and traveling across the country in a reno-ed school bus (pre-instagram). So this watercolor wilderness was a great marriage of those two ideas.


Do you have a color palette you use often? 

I don’t- I find that I love trying new things too much!

My father Michael is in his 80s and I try to have him create art constantly to keep him thinking and moving – do you have advice for senior citizens on ways to keep art in their life?


Make making art easy for you– a sketchbook, art materials that are always at the ready and easy to clean up (I love watercolor and colored pencils!). Not every piece will be a masterpiece- just have fun with it!



Why stickers in the book – I am a huge sticker fan but you went to the next level with the stickers I think something like 500 in the book and they are AMAZING !


Who doesn’t like stickers?! In the book they are divided up into categories (making art, finding inspiration, make a creative connection, try something new, set goals, take care of yourself) and I think my favorite way to use them, rather than planning in advance, is to place them in the book after you do a creative activity. Then you can see which ones you use more of and try to balance out your creative practice.




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