I wish I was able to go to the first Woodstock I would have loved it – I went to visit the Bethel museum about a year ago and it was wonderful to see and hear about – so emotional. I did go to the 2nd one & that was memorable – there was music, tents, friends, rain, mud and so much fun.

wood 10

Just seeing the word Woodstock evokes this vibe so when I heard there were going to be journals out soon I asked a few to be sent so I can give them out to some of the creatives – the artists, the musicians, the fashion designers so all can think about this amazing festival of peace that brought so much love and people together.
Woodstock is more than a legendary music festival. It represents simple living, caring for the environment, and loving one another. As Woodstock organizer Michael Lang plans for a possible 50th anniversary concert in 2019, these humanitarian ideals—brought together through excellent music—continue into the present day with Woodstock’s humanitarian ethos: “Woodstock is more than a moment in time. It is about a way of being in the world.”

As the 1970’s spirit lives on, so does Woodstock’s sense of style. In Fox Chapel Publishing’s new Woodstock-themed journals, lovers, dreamers, artists, and angels are invited to pen their thoughts and dreams in a gorgeous variety of lined, unlined, and dot journals. The ten journals feature photographs and illustrations from the greatest festival of all time.

“It’s an exciting time to be releasing our Woodstock journals,” Vice President of Content Christopher Reggio says. “With the 50th anniversary on the horizon, we’re reminded once again of the festival’s message of love and peace.”

So what to expect if you want one of these journals that will be available soon  – ahhhh a great Valentine’s Day gift ! Also I think you want your journal to be AWESOME and evoke positive thoughts this does just this with positive thoughts – sweet notes – and beautiful photos – the quality of these journals is AWESOME 

I personally love Fox Chapel Publishing they create books that inform their readers, and promote hobbies, crafts, journals, and all sorts of lifestyle interests.

Some of the ones I got :


and I have to say I want to give them to creatives so had to give them to my father who is an artist and look forward to seeing what he creates !

wood 9

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