If you know the KRAUSES we are all about playing board games / card games it is almost part of our DNA now a bit… we love it and we encourage it so when I heard about Vertellis I reached out for more info and they were so kind to send me one – I recently have been interested in these type of question games because you can find out a lot about someone I have another one that is much different from Vertellis but it asks questions and it is fun since you don’t have to concentrate too much or be stationed around a table – my husband can cook and look over us as we play and when it is his question he can still answer and be part of it all… it is very interactive and you learn things you would never know and some is Dream or Goal related and as you learn this info you might be able to help your family member or friend – you never know

It is quite chic and a great hostess gift I would definitely recommend it !

I like it is so easy t

If you are thinking about what to bring to the next house party bring VERTELLIS a bigger surprise then just another bottle of wine !


Vertellis Classic

Inspired by the increasing pace of our lives, our constant addiction to be online and the separation in society, Vertellis came to be. The game is played with friends, family, or colleagues. At the end of the game, you know who has been paying attention but most importantly you will have had meaningful conversations with those closest to you.

$19.99 Includes FREE Shipping in the USA


Share memories, reflect and talk about your plans for the future with the card game Vertellis

The game is played through four rounds.

Rounds one and three respectively ask questions about what has happened in the past twelve months and the hopes and dreams of the upcoming twelve.

The best stories come to light in these rounds, and asking follow-up questions here is highly recommended!

In rounds two and four you will be able to gather points by guessing certain answers about each other. Every correct guess will yield a point and by the end of the evening, the winner will be revealed!


The first game was played with handwritten cards.

After a tremendously positive response from friends and family, the founders decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to be able to make the game available for online purchase.


Their mission is to bring people together at a time when we seem to be distracted by technology, fake news, and ambition. The vertellis team hopes to make a positive impact in the world by facilitating beautiful conversations and stimulate time offline!

How it’s made

Designed in Holland

Mindfulness, communication, and connection come together in a compact and pleasant design. Many games come in oversized boxes, this does not – with an easily transportable, aesthetically pleasing game that will have a real impact around the table!

All of the materials used to make Vertellis are responsibly sourced.

Made in the USA

Vertellis is a Dutch brand founded by three friends: Bart, Liz and Lars who are in their late twenties. Willem has joined the US team and is in his early thirties (but a twenty-something at heart!) All four share a passion for continuous personal development. This passion and their professional experiences in team management, consultancy, and psychology are woven into Vertellis. Every question has been carefully formulated and tested to ensure it brings about the right emotions and thoughts – leading to meaningful conversations.

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