Which would you choose – new clothes, new furniture or an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life? According to a new Generational Travel Study, 74% of all US respondents said they would prioritize spending their spare change on experiences rather than possessions.  From getting a part-time job to postponing a break up, when it comes to the trip of a lifetime, this study shows the sacrifices we’re willing to make are real.

I am part 100 percent part of that 74% for sure …. I love to travel and would not buy clothes if I had to save for travel…. and I am a fashion stylist but prefer TRAVEL !

I love it we need to get out more have adventures, see the world, forest bath, go swimming in natural pools with waterfalls, be in a sea of a green in the middle of the Azores… find a great trip on Expedia and take it !

I was able to learn more from Sarah Gavin from EXPEDIA in this video above

Sarah Gavin has served as Expedia Inc.’s Vice President of Global Communications since February 2016, and has been with the company since 2011. Gavin currently runs internal, corporate and consumer communications for Expedia globally.

Bottom Line:
In the shift towards valuing experiences over material
products, travel makes an impressive showing. More
than half of all Americans say they are saving specifically
for travel, with Millennials leading the charge. Travel is
a common way for all generations, regardless of age, to
spend their disposable income.

I am GENERATION X – what are you ? 
generation Z
generation X
baby boomers

But we are talking about Generation Z and how they are transforming what we are looking for with travel…. Check out this video that gives you some fun facts before booking your next trip ! The national study found Gen Z travelers value adventure experiences such as exploring and trying new things more than anything else.

Get this :

For example, 71% of the youngest generation, Gen Z (ages 22 & younger) would get a part-time job, and 49% would sell some of their clothes or furniture to save money to go on a trip.11% would even postpone a breakup with a significant other in order to go on a previously planned trip!

I have to say that was one part I was sad about and don’t want to promote is don’t stay in a relationship just for a trip it is a bit stinky to do to someone else – take the other person’s feeling in consideration so I know people said that but I hope we can all become a bit more enlightened and careful with others emotions in the future. I was in a bad situation before with someone that went on holiday with me just for the opportunity to go to another country and I can say it is not nice – it is disturbing so keep others in mind that is one thing I will not standby – save your money, don’t buy other belongings, don’t go to fancy meals for a bit but don’t stay with someone in a relationship for any other reason then you want to be in a relationship with that person because you truly care about that person that is very terrible behavior otherwise.

More about the study ….

Also from the studio I loved hearing how much social media INFLUENCES where you travel showing the power of social media once again :

When it comes to making travel purchasing
decisions, Gen Z and Millennials are most
heavily influenced by input on social media. In
fact, the national study discovered that 27% of
Millennials have posted a potential trip on social
media to canvas opinions before booking!
Interestingly, socialized purchasing decisions
appear to have a halo effect, stirring interest
among potential buyers who see or weigh in
on a decision. The study discovered that
36% of Gen Z travelers have chosen a destination
specifically because they saw postings about the
destination on social media.

Great blog post about this – TRAVEL over all the other STUFF https://viewfinder.expedia.com/tips-trends/next-generation-will-travel/




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