Thanks to  Adam Binder- the owner of Apeiron! He was so tired of boring/bland mats and that is part of what inspired him to make APERION YOGA MATS and they are legit !

I received the :Midnight Chakra Yoga Mat

Apeiron’s mats are slip-proof, eco-friendly and creatively designed in order to be the perfect combination of form, function and flare. They are 100% biodegradable with no harmful phthalates or chemicals, made of natural tree rubber and suede fabric, and printed with water based inks to ensure an odorless, non-toxic, original designs that will not fade. Forget the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears – Apeiron Yoga mats provide even more grip and stability the more you sweat!

Inspired by the spinning wheels within from which physical and spiritual energy flows, this elite yoga mat features a synthetic suede fabric surface that provides extra comfort and non-slip technology for your practice. No matter how much you sweat, gone are the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears. For dry hands and feet, spray water onto the mat prior to use to further prevent sliding.

  • Sweat activated, non-slip, textured surface
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, 100% biodegradable
  • Made from 100% odorless natural tree rubber
  • Printed with fade resistant water based inks
  • Durable carrying sling included


  • 24.02” wide X 68.11” long (61cm wide X 173cm long)

Caring For Your Apeiron Yoga Mat

Machine wash alone on a cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Hang to air dry. To speed up drying, wrap mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water.

Other choices : https://apeironyoga.com/collections/yoga-mats

Next time you see me at my besties class : https://www.soulcenteredself.com/ I will be there with my APERION mat

1. How did you come up with the name for Apeiron?
I first heard the word “Apeiron” while taking a yoga workshop with master teacher Edward Clark. I had already manifested the vision for this company, but I was still struggling with what to call it. I remember Ed using the word “Apeiron” repeatedly, then telling the class about it’s Greek etymology and that it meant “limitless”. I truly believe that life’s possibilities are vast and infinite like the universe itself, thus the name stuck and a brand was born.

aperion 3
PHOTOGRAPHER: Alison Omelio (@allie.snaps)

2. Tell us more about your background.
Apeiron Yoga is a fusion of several things I love: yoga, art, and the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Brooklyn, and its diverse culture introduced me to a wide variety of music, art, fashion, architecture, etc. unlike anywhere else. Having lived in several cities throughout New Jersey since then, it took many years of feeling like an outcast to view what made me different as an asset rather than a flaw. I’ve been able to view life from many different perspectives, which has carried over into my art, music and professional ventures as well.

My journey with yoga began fairly recently, after I became a father six years ago. Between the stresses of raising my son as a single father and running my digital marketing company Creative Click Media, I found myself feeling run down, stressed out and out of shape. Yoga helped me reclaim my physical fitness, raise my self confidence and improve my mental clarity. What started as a hobby soon developed into an untapped business opportunity. Combining my entrepreneurial experience with my newfound love for yoga, I began on this journey with Apeiron Yoga. The company has grown and evolved in ways I could’ve never imagined when we started just a year ago, but the lessons we’ve learned and the national recognition we’ve received in the process have made this rollercoaster ride so worthwhile.

aperion 2
PICTURED: Adam (@infinity_in_a_second) on a Just A Phase Yoga Mat

3. Why did you decide to make the yoga mats eco-friendly?
I’ve been conscious about the environment for as long as I can remember, so being eco-friendly was a non-negotiable when designing Apeiron yoga mats. Fortunately, many in the yoga community also embrace these values and support companies that utilize sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We’re proud to be able to say our mats are 100% biodegradable and created without any harmful phthalates or chemicals.

4. What are other benefits of using these mats?
I originally had the idea to create the company to combat one huge problem many yogis face: sweat. I tend to work up a sweat during my practice, and there’s nothing worse than slipping and sliding around while trying to hold a pose. Not only does it take you out of your focus, but it poses a serious safety hazard. Our mats are unique because they are made from a vegan microfiber suede that is virtually slip-proof and actually grips better when wet.

Along with the materials the mat is made of, something that sets Apeiron Yoga apart is our imaginative, inspired designs. When you look at the average run-of-the-mill yoga mats you’ll find in any store, you’ll notice a very repetitive selection of colors, patterns and styles. Our yoga mats, on the other hand, tell a story. Practicing on an Apeiron mat is like practicing on a piece of art, with bold colors and dreamy imagery to appeal to each yogi’s unique personality. Combining our distinct design aesthetic with this slip-proof material, we’ve been able to create a full line of yoga mats that are safe, stylish, and exude as much individuality as the person using them.


5. How do you come up with the designs/graphics?
I’d describe my design style as experimental, eclectic and unexpected. I draw inspiration from everywhere – art, places, music, you name it – and I try to convey this same sense of creative eccentricity in the Apeiron mat designs. I love to push the boundaries (some might even call me a bit of a troublemaker), and I’m constantly inspired by the challenge of creating something that hasn’t been seen, is said to be impossible, or makes sense of the seemingly nonsensical.

As far as our apparel designs go, we’ve really honed in on fine tuning the small details. We know everyone loves a good hoodie, and we made it our mission to take the classic cozy hoodie and kick it up a notch. Our solution? Taking out the unsightly front “kangaroo pouch” by adding in a two-pocket separator for a streamlined, stylish look. Our bright, bold and whimsical yoga leggings are designed with the same inspiration as our yoga mats, in order to let your personality shine through throughout your practice.






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