confettiMy husband always kids me that I take a lot of photos – he started to take more photos recently which is nice to see how he captures moments we share and moments he captures on his own to show me later…. the one thing I can say is with photos is that I was able to go back through my GOOGLE photos and see all moments that were so important to me this year – I am sure there are others but these are ones that I know I won’t forget because I captured them… and when you look at photo it makes you feel that time all over again  – whether it was a warm day, you were getting a hug from a loved one, you were laughing or eating some really yummy food.  I have a lot to be thankful for and remember from 2017.

I think I worked pretty hard you can always work harder. I think I can work a bit smarter in 2018 although I tried to learn and achieve more this year.  I tried some new things – I gave up a few times on things throwing my hands up in the year- I was disappointed by myself and others at times – I was disappointed about life issues at times too – but then as I go through I list the bad things from 2017 and then I list all the good things and the list doesn’t balance – there is so much good that came from 2017 and so many moments to remember. I hope I can have that many great moments in 2018 and then some.

I think my biggest disappointment that I can’t control as much as I would like is that we still don’t have a child.  I spent the year figuring out my next move and gave it a good shot but it didn’t work – the cards weren’t stacked in my favor this time. I talk about my infertility because there are so many women going through it and to speak out loud about it makes it feel like you are not alone.  It is a bummer but I am now 43 and it is hard to get pregnant and has been for the last few years going through IVF and trying all options.  But I do believe that there was a reason why it didn’t work this past time and believe we are going to be lucky in 2018.  I do hope to stay healthy. With that said I could have worked out a ton more but I got some great workouts in but need to do more in 2018. I think work was tough – it was an OK year but ended with some disappointments and some unstableness – not sure what 2018 will bring for me career wise or Caravan but I need to HUSTLE. I think no baby and no money bring some unhappiness — the only other real issue was that my husband sadly lost his ring on the way on vacation when he went to put in his bag at security it must have rolled out – so that is a bit sad but hoping in 2018 we will make it an opp to renew our wedding vows and get a new ring for him.

So the things that made me sad are definitely big issues but there are so many people and times that made me happy :

Thankful for :

My recent trip to Cuba

All the times with my parents – watching movies, talking GH, eating good food – check out some of their adventures on @SENIORSONTHERUN

All the times with my in-laws this year we spent some good quality time with them as well

I had my first real fashion show where we created a collection and had over 900 guests in the audience

I also had a successful fashion collaboration earlier in the year

I rescued kittens – we were able to find and rescue all of them

I have a beautiful Christmas Tree

I had a great time with my parents and Scott’s parents for Halloween we went to the the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

We had a great time with my mom  & mom in law for Mother’s Day

We went to the Berkshires all together and had a great day at the MOCA

We stayed in a tipi that was so lovely

We visited GHF again this year and it was an awesome time

We hiked a bunch this year and had so much fun

I planted my first real garden with herbs, tomatoes, eggplant and shared with my neighborhood

We established our AIRBNB and it is going well

We made some fun additions to the house that we are enjoying including our couch

We went to Philly and had front row for the U2 show

I worked on the Eva Longoria show and she was so wonderful to work for – I really enjoyed helping with that fashion show

I worked on a fashion show for a hotel company

I traveled for work four times this year to several places and was able to produce some events and fashion shows

I enjoyed my friend Samuelle’s PAPER CAVES – we had a great time in Honesdale and Narrowsburg

I was on as well as my studio was as well

I went to a lovely wedding of my friend Jessica

I enjoyed an awesome time with my friend Stephanie at the Whitney and just several times out with her

We went blueberry picking

I went to the Brooklyn Grange and it is so incredibly beautiful

I went to Brimfield Flea market  with my in-laws and loved it !

We got an Instant Pot and we love it !

We had an awesome time for my Dad’s birthday at PS1

We went to 29 rooms on my birthday

I made a tribute for my dad for his birthday and had a blast doing that for him

I went with my parents to this awesome place in the Rockaways like a surfer beach bar so fun

I spent time with my parents under the Brooklyn Bridge

I went with Scott to the new 1 Hotel for my friend Nancy’s birthday and had amazing views and a fun time

I got to see my brother ANTHONY so many times – I got to see him sing and we had pizza and we also went to Bushwick Art Collective

I got to see my dad do street art with a talented artist during the Bushwick Street Art Collective

I was able to hang out with my friend Lara a few times who I think is so fun

I hung out with my friend Stacy a few times this year and hope to more in the New Year

I started to learn how to read tarot cards but have a lot more to learn

I got to see my friend Lisa a few times this year but need to see her more in the New Year

I enjoyed a Kundalani class by friend Laura she is awesome had some great times together

I was able to spend some time with my friend Kerri at her daughter’s birthday

I got to spend some time with my friend Christine and her little ones with a picnic in the park

I had some great times with all of Scott’s friends that are now my friends

We went to the UNRULY collective in Bushwick and it was so fun

We had a great dinner with our friends at Faro

Barrett was in her first fashion show as Wonder Woman

We went to Tribeca Film Festival

I dressed someone for the SAG AWARDS and worked on a few premieres

I loved Birdwatching this year and had Cardinals and Blue Jays in my backyard

I had two wonderful day outs with my mom this year  – one of recent where we went to see a play and Gullivers’ Gate

We went to to an astronomy class nearby

I got to see 2 of my nephews in person for lunch & my sister in law

A family member who was distant I got to spend some time with and re-establish a relationship

I made some fun videos with Valerie and created some fun memories with her at the studio

I taught some classes for some students and we had amazing interns at Caravan

I had such a great day with my parents for Easter with a brunch at House of Yes

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Scott and my parents where Scott made a delicious meal for us

Scott and I ate a lot of ice cream and we went to the OMG Desserts event

We sang Bon Jovi during Karaoke

I marched in the Women’s March with some wonderful friends and stood up for what I believe in

I got to meet Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s again and tell him about my love for Bernie Sanders

I enjoyed watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, YOUNGER, Mrs. Marvelous Maisel, The Americans, OITNB, and of course General Hostipal ( grateful Steve Burton is back ! )

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family & a great Christmas weekend in Massachusetts

I am super grateful for my dogs they give me so much happiness every day

I enjoyed spending any time with family including my dogs this year – family and health are super important

There is most likely so much more I am not thinking of from this year but I think all of that is pretty fantastic


confetti 2

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