Day 4 Tarara Beach and La Guarida

We started that morning with a walk in our area cuba day 4cuba day 4 2cuba day 4 3cuba day 4 5cuba day 4 6cuba day 4 7

We caught a Salsa instructional video in the making cuba day 4 8cuba day 4 1

Then we were planning on taking a bus to the beach but something said let me see if possible to get a convertible imagine driving to the beach in a convertible we found a lovely guy who gave us a great price and drove us to the beach – the night before a man named LASARO we love that name by the way – he told us about the best beach to go to and he was right – called – this is about 20 minutes from Centro Havana and beautiful

cuba day 4 rest 20cuba day 4 beachcuba day 4 beach 1cuba day 4 beach 3cuba day 4 beach 5cuba day 4 beach 6cuba day 4 beach 7cuba day 4 beach 8cuba day 4 beach 9cuba day 4 beach 10

Upon arrival you can rent for like 6 CUCs a umbrella and chair it was great also near by there is a restaurant we didn’t eat there but the food looked great cuba day 4 beach 11cuba day 4 beach 12cuba day 4 beach 13cuba day 4 beach 16cuba day 4 beach 20

Meet Eyder I have his info if you go to Cuba and want an amazing tour guide !

cuba day 4 beach 21cuba day 4 beach 23cuba day 4 beach 24cuba day 4 beach 25

Back in Centro Havana cuba day 4 beach 26

We went to the most interesting restaurant La Guarida  I have ever been in – filled with so much romance – I would say this makes my top 5 list maybe even my top two – I love Baccarat in Paris as well very much but this was really wonderful – I hear Rihanna and Beyonce visited this restaurant when in Cuba cuba day 4 restaurantcuba day 4 restaurant 1cuba day 4 restaurant 2cuba day 4 restaurant 3cuba day 4 restaraunt 5cuba day 4 restaurant 6cuba day 4 restaurant 7cuba day 4 restaurant 8cuba day 4 restaraunt 6cuba day 4 restcuba day 4 rest 2cuba day 4 rest 3cuba day 4 rest 4cuba day 4 rest 5cuba day 4 rest 6cuba day 4 rest 7

Then we walked back to our place in Old Havana it took about 1/2 hour but on our way back we walked through Paseo del Prado this is where Chanel held there show – hoping that some money during that show went back to the local people.  I hope some of the models and guests stayed in local homes and visited local businesses – every time we go to Cuba we have the opportunity to bring money there to some of the local people who might not make a lot each year. One of the tour guides is also a psychics professsor and he makes $150 CUC a year !!! So when you visit make sure to try to give money to those who need it – whether it is booking a local tour guide and tipping them or visiting a local restaurant when possible or going to a local bakery. We did a mix of the tourists hot spots to trying to eat with our hosts but this is super important. cuba day 4 rest 8

We had to have a daiquiri at  El Floridita – a haunt of Ernest Hemingway it was a super yummy one and it was filled with tons of fun music and more it is listed here as a best bar in the world so glad I was able to visit – day 4 rest 9There was this little cat haven where it seems like a lot of strays hang out together – like cat alley – people bring food for the kitties here which is super refreshing so it is not them looking through the garbage which is super sad. There are a lot of strays but this made me feel a bit better that at least some places where they can stick together and people can bring food. cuba day 4 rest 10

In the square on the way to dinner we had some time so we stopped to listen to music and try their brewery – they have a local brewery in the middle of one of the most beautiful squares you will visit – it was very cool to just sit there and take it all in. cuba day 4 rest 11

Later that night we went to another restaurant that was visited by Obama on his trip to Cuba – Dona Eutimia – this is on a very busy street – it was really lovely inside and their signature drink is the frozen mojito – it was delicious – I really enjoyed it. We ate the signature dish of Cuba – and had the most delicious chickpeas cuba day 4 rest 12cuba day 4 rest 13cuba day 4 rest 14

The next morning we woke up with not much time before we went to airport so we walked around & then made sure we went to visit the Museum of the Revolution Cuba: which is a beautiful building and there is a bunch to read and learn about inside. We wish we had more time to really read up but glad we had time to visit. cuba day 4 rest 15cuba day 4 rest 22

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