First thanks for Bridges Cuba for helping us and for everyone looking to go to Cuba they have some trips coming up – check them out : http://www.bridgescuba.com/

We arrived in Cuba after taking a Jet Blue flight on a day it was stormy and snowy in New York and we are taking layers off in the taxi on the way to our casas particulares  once on arrival in Havana – the weather was perfecto !

We stayed at  CASA JESÚS Y GLORIA : http://www.bridgescuba.com/casas/

cuba juan 4

cuba juan 3

Our view from the living room cuba juan 2


It was so sweet I am in love with jungalow style and she had about 100 plants all set up right in front of all the rooms. It was set up where we had our own room with our own washroom.  In the morning we would have breakfast and it was delicious with fresh fruits, juices and the most delicious eggs. Breakfast you paid in addition to the room but it was all super fair prices and such a comfortable stay with yummy foods and beautiful smiles.  There is a rooster which I found even when we got to Vinales there were several but the rooster was our alarm and it just transported you to somewhere so different then the phone wakeup in Brooklyn each day.

We arrived settled in and then went for our first walk.  The place we stayed is considered Old Havana so there are beautiful squares and tons of places to walk around and see and discover.  There is a lot right in the few blocks from the place we stayed.  You can walk from Old Havana to Centro Havana in about 20 minutes.  We walked back and forth during our stay quite often.

This was the first photo I took I loved these neutral colors all together – there are a million places for beautiful photo shoots all throughout Cuba it is incredible I wish I had a better camera but did my best.

cuba day 1cuba day 1 1

This is this incredible pharmacy where the locals can fill prescriptions but it is an incredible museum : Taquechel_Pharmacy_Museum-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana

cuba day 1 2

I started seeing a lot of incredible cars all over but loved the red and teal near each other – what a car ! cuba day 1 3cuba day 1 4cuba day 1 5cuba day 1 6cuba day 1 7cuba day 1 8cuba day 1 9cuba day 1 10cuba day 1 11

Yes we had Churros but I regret I didn’t have more when I was in Cuba – there was a line outside the Chocolate Museum for this particular cart so I figured they had to be good and they were amazing ! cuba day 1 12cuba day 1 14cuba day 1 20cuba day 1 22cuba day 1 23cuba day 1 24

This hotel is a place that Ernest Hemingway stayed Hotel Ambos it was quite beautiful cuba day 1 25cuba day 1 26cuba day 1 27cuba day 1 28

We went to see Taller Experimental de Grafica and it was incredible – if you want to meet artists and buy some artwork to bring home there are incredible people to meet – and so funny one of the presses is a KRAUSE – just like us !
cuba day 1 29cuba day 1 30cuba day 1 31cuba day 1 32cuba day 1 33

One of the stops you have to make and especially on the first night is to the famous La Bodeguita Del Medio this is an old haunt of Ernest Hemingway and I have to say that it was a yummy mojito – some people say they are watered down a bit but for me it was perfect because I do not like mine too strong – there was music playing and so many smiles and I loved the whole experience – it was a bit touristy and a bit crowded but people would crowd in and then leave and we scored two seats at the bar so it was perfect ! cuba day 1 34cuba day 1 35cuba day 1 36cuba day 1 37cuba day 1 40

I then found this record turned into artwork by Victor Morra they said I looked up his artwork and I also captured a picture of his work in this ice cream shop so funny how I am drawn to certain art – https://www.virtualgallery.com/galleries/victor_mora_a2343976cuba day 1 41

Then off to dinner where we went to the highly recommend  304 O’Reillys not far from our casa and it was delicious with this Sangria cocktail that was stunning and so yummy! cuba day 1 42cuba day 1 43cuba day 1 44

We finished the night in an art gallery with Scott finding a chess partner – Scott won the game but it as a nice game in this incredible gallery space
cuba day 1 45


  1. Hi Claudine, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and adventures from Cuba. Just wanted to ask about your accomodation, whether yo’d recommend the casa you stayed at and how the noise, location etc was. We’re planning a similar trip to yours over NY. Thanks lovely. Kim

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