We love being out in nature from beautiful hikes to running in the snow and when possible we love bringing our dogs.  This year we had some great trips some included our annual visit to our favorite place GLEN HIGHLAND FARM to hiking in Inwood Hill Park  a beautiful park with a great walking trail or  to getting our holiday Christmas tree.  Wherever we go we love packing a bag of treats for the doggies and of course for us.  Below are some photos from our trip this summer to GHF and some treats we packed along with us for that trip and then some photos from other hiking trips as well

hiking 59

I love these two brands for hikes and getaways : KEEN ONE QUINOA  & DHARMA BARS- it is great for when we go to Glen Highland Farms and we just need a quick treat – you can just put water in and microwave quickly before a long hike.   We do a ton of cooking on the wood fire grill at GHF that is amazing but in between little snacks like this are great – Quinoa & Hemp mixed with savory vegetables that will take you back to the farmers market time ! Organically grown in the Bolivian Andes -Provides energy throughout the day  — there is FIBER, VITAMIN E & MORE !


Keen One Quinoa first sprouted in an unassuming classroom at the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business in 2007. Tasked with a class project on new product development, founder Christopher Algea — a cash-strapped college student at the time — decided quinoa could be an affordable, nutritious option over the empty calories of typical dorm food. His classmates agreed and the seeds of the brand began to take root. After graduating, Christopher’s passion for quinoa persisted. He and a few friends began experimenting with recipes and sold their goods at local farmer’s markets and small retailers. Their popularity skyrocketed, prompting Christopher to head to Bolivia in search of a source of par-cooked quinoa, which would help the small team keep up with demand — and keep the business afloat. On a double decker bus ride to Oruro, the heart of the Altiplano, Christopher met his quinoa match: a direct supplier of fair trade Organic Royal quinoa, which remains the primary source of quinoa for the brand to this day. Since its inception in 2007, Keen One Quinoa has expanded nationally, selling both online and in stores around the country. Staying true to its roots as a bright-eyed college student’s convenience food brainchild, the brand continues to promote culinary creativity, use sustainable ingredients, and source fair trade organic quinoa to benefit cooperatives in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains. Really loved reading this blog post to learn more :  & you can find a store here

The other brand I love to pack is :

Made from only organic plant-powered ingredients, Dharma Bars provide a purpose for any physical activity you choose throughout your day.


Chocolate Almond Date

The Endurance Bar will keep you elated, vibrant and blissful during your workout. Natural sugars, healthy fats and fiber fuels the spirit your body craves when times get tough. Himalayan salt keeps electrolytes balanced.

There is also :  Cocoa Hemp Cherry  — It’s time to honor yourself and appreciate the work you’ve done. The Recover Bar will help you rebuild your physical body and ready your spirit for the next workout. Raw cacao, hemp seeds and cherries repair the mind and body.

&   Vanilla Coconut Almond Center yourself and stay present in the moment. The Balance Bar will keep you grounded, cinnamon, coconut and vanilla calm the soul.

Here are all the beautiful ingredients you will find in these bars not all bars have all these ingredients but if you get all three you will get to enjoy these delicious notes of dates, cherries, cocoa….


 Organic Dates Sweet, nourishing & high in fiber. The natural sugars and high potassium are perfect for refueling the muscles and brain.
 Organic Cocoa  Contains essential minerals that support your heart, bones & immune system.  High in phytonutrients.
 Himalayan Pink Salt Provides 80+ minerals and elements.  Creates an electrolyte balance while preventing muscle cramping.
 Organic Rice Protein Excellent source of complex carbohydrates, B vitamins & fiber.  Plant based protein that is easy to digest.
 Organic Vanilla Bean Balances flavors, trace amounts of  b-complex vitamins.  Tastes great!
 Organic Almonds Promotes good brain function & nourishes the nervous system.  Rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber & protein.
 Organic Coconut Antimicrobial, antibacterial, & antifungal.  High in healthy saturated fats.  Nutritious & rich in fiber, vitamins & minerals.
 Organic Cherries Anti-inflammatory, aids in recovery & repair. Combats post workout soreness.
 Organic Hemp Protein Contains all essential amino acids. Has immune enhancing & antifungal properties. Rich in fiber and easily digestible.
 Organic Cinnamon Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting. Manages blood sugar.
When you are looking at a beautiful sky like this and enjoying nature you want to eat healthy and these two treats allow you to get healthy foods fast !

hiking 50

Where is Barrett it is like the Wizard of Oz but our barrett is no witch she is just peeking her little head out !!! All the smells and sights of Glen Highland Farm ! hiking 48hiking 47hiking 43hiking 41hiking 40hiking 39hiking 38hiking 37hiking 36hiking 35hiking 33

hiking 32

hiking 31hiking 30hiking 29hiking 28hiking 27hiking 26hiking 25hiking 24hiking 23hiking 22hiking 21hiking 20

hiking 17hiking 10

Now it is Winter time but we are still enjoying going on adventures with the doggies and packing a yummy bag of treats : hiking 4hiking 3hiking 2hiking 1

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