Day 3 in Cuba from Viñales to Las Terrazas

We woke up early & and had the yummiest breakfast of fruits and pancakes and eggs and we were picked up for a tour to go from our casa to Las Terrazas then back to Old Havana.  We had a bunch of stops the first we went to see a huge farm where they grow tobacco to coffee and it has an incredible hike it was such a great stop before we hit the road.

cuba day 3

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It is called Finca organica Raul Reyes and it a magical place to take a beautiful hike and walk in nature. cuba day 3 8cuba day 3 9cuba day 3 10cuba day 3 11cuba day 3 12cuba day 3 13cuba day 3 14cuba day 3 15cuba day 3 16cuba day 3 17cuba day 3 18cuba day 3 19

Then we drove about a hour and half maybe and ended up at the most incredible eco – village – according to Lonely Planet – The pioneering ecovillage of Las Terrazas dates back to a reforestation project in 1968. Today it’s a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, a burgeoning activity center (with a canopy tour) and the site of the earliest coffee plantations in Cuba.  By the way we swore by our Lonely Planet and it got us great from place to place I highly recommend.

On site there is the MOKA HOTEL that is so beautiful where you can stay but you can also stay in this little area about a five minute drive from the MOKA HOTEL called Banos del San Juan – you can stay there as well in this little eco friendly hut — and be one with nature if we had another night we would have stayed in Las Terrazas.  It was incredibly beautiful. We are super lucky when we went to Banos del San Juan it was quite and not many people but I do think it gets crowded – it was so peaceful and we loved it.

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Before we started heading back to Old Havana we ate at EL ROMERO that is strictly vegeterian but beautifully prepared and super yummy – they have smoothies & juices and all sorts of delicious treats.

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