The Savannah | Mini Elephant Head | Faux Taxidermy | White Resin


I have a thing for faux animal heads –  I love animals so there is no way I want to think an animal was hurt or killed in anyway for decor on my wall.  Even all my “cowhide rugs” are faux and faux mongolian fur pillows. So when I heard about Wall Charmers I was in love.  They looked great on the website but the quality is so great in person. They are made so beautifully with so much detail.  The price point is great.  I have the tendency to surround myself with toys and animal statues and ore – maybe the inner child comes out but these are great for kids but even better for grown ups in order to create a beautiful magical space. (www.wallcharmers.com).


These faux taxidermy animal heads are beautifully hand-painted sculptures  –  The artists use only the highest quality paints in gorgeous colors like lavender, mint green, rich gold, navy blue, sage, bronze and more. There are 21 color options. Made in the US and cast in eco-friendly polyresin with the lowest environmental impact, each head is light-weight enough to hang securely on your wall using a strong nail. They come with a keyhole or hook on the back for easy installation.

There are so many choices. I picked the elephant to go with my theme but I was torn because I also loved the wolf – which I think I still need. It’s hard to pick between the iconic deer or moose head and something more unexpected like a rhino, wolf, giraffe, horse, bear – or even truly magical creatures perfect for a child’s room, such as a unicorn or T-Rex.

elephant 3


I love elephants from an elephant tattoo maybe I went a little too far to a lot of little elephant statues to one of my favorite treasures an actual painting by an elephant of their foot ! My elephant painting is part of a project with Komar & Melamid you can now find similiar pieces at : http://www.elephantart.com

elephant 4

elephant 2

Back to my Wall Charmer – My elephant displays the imposing grandeur of the African Elephant.   With Elephant’s facing extinction because of the demand for their tusks, this is a perfect way to bring an Elephant and the African Savannah into your home in an animal-friendly and chic way! Mine was $40 but they have larger ones I love this large wolf one for $100. The price is great for something that was created by an artist here in the USA. It is a great addition to your home or as a gift. I love the Wolf because of Game of Thrones by they have a shark for the Jaws lovers !





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