This is the one in California but you can see how wonderful this place is — I want to go to the one in California – but I was so in love with the one in NYC. It was in my hood – right near my old apartment on the UPPER EAST SIDE – so it was so great to check it out. I was so excited when my friend Lara invited me to check it out right before my trip to Cuba so I could feel a little better putting a bathing suit on I kept thinking …. I love that it is  an URBAN SWEAT LODGE ! and it is also accessorized with tvs so you can watch Netflix / Amazon while you sweat taking your mind off of it & 15 minutes before you are done they come in and give you a towel on your head that smells like LAVENDER – amazing & memorable – and so relaxing and then after you have the most delicious orange slices. The whole session goes by so quickly the last 15 minutes you feel a bit hot but you get out and all you want to do is be healthy all day having salads and juice ! The whole experience is just a huge stress reliever and I decided to watch a bit of Mozart in the Jungle & a bit of my new favorite show

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I have to do a blog post on this show it is SO GREAT !! I am in love with it !!


Ok back to sweating ….

Here is where you lie and look the tv

shapehouse 5

Sweating is an ancient wellness practice that dates back to Greek bathhouses in the 6th century B.C.E. Since then, sweating has played a pivotal role in many forms of cultural expression around the world, including spiritual ceremonies, healing rituals, and hygienic practices.

Sweating has long been recognized as a calming, restorative treatment for mind and body alike. When the Romans constructed public thermae, they not only created places where people could cleanse and relax, but also social centers for people to gather and share the experience. This communal philosophy of wellness has carried throughout the centuries and around the world, from the Scandinavian sauna to the Mesoamerican temazcal, the Arabic hammam, the South African sifutu, the Japanese onsen, the Native American sweat lodge, and the Russian banya.

Shape House was founded by entrepreneur, optimist, and sweat activist Sophie Chiche and investor, idea generator, and marketing guru Craig Winner. Gay and Katie Hendricks, luminaries in the world of self-help, and authors of hundreds of books, joined them midway. Sophie seems totally rad and obviously a genius with this idea !


Shape House is not a fly by night idea. It was born of the passion of a group of people that have devoted their lives to finding ways to live in a way that works better. When they discovered that sweating was a holistic way to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness, all in one hour, while watching a show, it was so exciting that they simply had to gather and create a place to share what they had found.

That place is Shape House.

shapehouse 3

Sweating is directly linked to weight loss. A typical sweat session burns between 800-1,600 calories, between the 55 minutes in the bed and the 36-hour metabolic boost that follows. While the water weight that you lose while sweating is easily replenished, the calories that you burn are not. Furthermore, the detoxification that occurs during sweating makes it easier for your body to naturally deplete fat stored during everyday life.  When your body is exposed to infrared heat, it attempts to maintain normal temperature through thermoregulation, which results in sweating. Your system works hard and expends a lot of energy during this process, which is why so many calories are burned. This rapid caloric burn consequently boosts metabolism, which allows you to continue burning calories at a faster rate even after your sweat is over. The body often stores toxins within fat deposits in order to protect organs and other critical body tissues from toxic exposure and attack. When these toxins are excreted through sweat, your body becomes free to gradually eliminate the fat that was previously required as a protective buffer.Fat can also be released during the sweat, as fat becomes water-soluble at 110°F. Many people also find that after they release additive substances such as sugar and candida through sweat, they are less drawn to unhealthy foods, and are able to make more nutritious choices. If you sweat on a regular basis, with two to three days between sessions, you can expect to lose one clothing size within six to ten treatments, assuming that you are also pursuing a reasonable diet. You may also find that the release of heavy metals helps correct metabolic and hormonal imbalances, which can improve digestion and quality deep sleep. Science has also demonstrated that better sleep produces better weight loss results, meaning that the better you sleep, the easier it’ll be for your body to lose those excess pounds. When you sweat, you allow your body to flush out all the impurities that are embedded in the dermal layer- from pollutants and dirt to old makeup and chemical residue. You allow your skin to naturally glisten and glow by bringing a fresh blood supply and essential nutrients to the surface, and adding elasticity to collagen structure. Regular sweating can improve the tone, clarity, and texture of the skin, slow the aging process and reduce the effects of sun damage. During an FAR infrared session, your pores open fully to allow sweating, which carries impurities and dead skin cells away and leaves your skin immaculately fresh. Your sweat also contains small amounts of antibiotics that combat dermal bacteria, which helps reinforce the cleansing process. Meanwhile, nutrient-rich blood is brought to the surface by increased circulation, which allows essential vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps between skin cells and plump up tiny wrinkles, while deterring future collagen breakdown. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars and stretch marks, lesions, and cellulite. By continually flushing contaminants out of the dermal layer and bringing fresh nutrients and blood to the surface through sweating, you can naturally refresh and revitalize the appearance of your skin.Quality deep sleep is essential to physical and mental health. But in our 24/7 society, most of us struggle to get the rest we need on a consistent basis. In fact, roughly a third of Americans are chronically sleep-deprived, a condition that has been linked to obesity, diabetes, mood disorders, cardiovascular disease, and poor cognitive function. Along with our culture of constant stimulation, we are often subject to routine stress and tension that make it difficult to relax, even in sleep. Toxic build-up can also impair the body’s ability to rest fully, as many of our cellular repair and internal cleansing processes take place during our sleeping hours. The purifying sweat that results from a FAR infrared session helps to detoxify the mind and body alike by relaxing muscles, eliminating waste, stimulating repair processes, and calming the psyche. After a 55-minute session, sweaters immediately feel refreshed. More importantly, the next three nights following a sweat are full of quality deep sleep, as the body has largely been allowed to catch up on nighttime tasks during the treatment, and the mind has been given a chance to restore and relax. It is not uncommon that people who sweat regularly lessen or stop their intake of sleeping pills. Sweaters who have regular sessions report improvements in restlessness and insomnia, and find that they wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. FAR infrared sweating provides many of the cardiovascular conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. During a 55-minute sweat, your heart receives a workout similar to that of a ten-mile run, while the detox achieved through FAR infrared perspiration provides a more productive detox than a marathon. Sweating boosts endorphins, improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and releases muscle tension, making it the perfect compliment to any lifestyle. When the body’s core temperature is increased, cardiac output is boosted in response. The heart rate rises in order to circulate blood at a faster pace and facilitate sweat production, which helps train and strengthen the cardiac muscles. The metabolic rate is also increased, while diastolic blood pressure drops, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness. Meanwhile, the infrared heat stimulates endorphin release, which helps improve energy and healing, while the removal of lactic acid buildup soothes tense and sore muscles. Infrared sweating is perfect for people who do not have the time or ability to exercise regularly, as it offers the opportunity to maintain and improve cardiovascular health with relative ease. For those who do even the most rigorous workouts, sweating still represents a perfect option, as it reinforces heart strength and endurance while relieving muscle strain.The process of sweating is both literally and symbolically one of release: by sweating, you rid yourself of everything that you don’t need. While some of the negative substances that you eliminate during a sweat are physical toxins, you may find that sweating is the ideal way to flush out mental toxins as well. People have used sweat rituals around the world for thousands of years to garner greater physical, mental, and spiritual well being, and sweating continues to be a widely used meditative aid. The body can manifest fear, tension, sadness, and anger, and even create chemical toxins in response to shifts in attitude. FAR infrared encourages the body to completely relax, while stimulating endorphin release, which helps alleviate negative emotions and provides clarity. FAR infrared heat penetrates the sub-dermal layer to warm muscles, which encourages them to relax and expand. The body often retains stress as muscle tension, which then creates further trouble in the form of unsettling soreness, pain, and headaches. By relieving muscle strain, and releasing built-up lactic acid, infrared also helps to ease the associated fatigue and stress. This sort of deep muscle and psychological relaxation has been proven to boost immunity, mood, and energy. Sweating also provides a burst of endorphins, which heighten the sense of wellbeing and clear-headedness that accompanies relaxation.

shapehouse 4

far infrared

FAR infrared is a radiant form of natural energy. FAR infrared cannot be seen, but can be felt as a nourishing heat that safely penetrates the skin to increase core-body temperature. This results in an intense, detoxifying, health-boosting sweat that helps you look and feel healthier, happier, and brighter.


Our bodies need to detox in order to eliminate elements that are not good for us, so that our systems can function optimally. When you sweat using FAR infrared technology, you enhance your body’s ability to free itself from toxic chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals by cleansing from the inside out.



  1. How can I come to join you I m living in Montreal Canada please let me know I m very much concern about my weight loss

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