Phyter is not a food conglomerate expanding its marketing empire. It’s three people — Gloria, Jeff & Chef David — who are insanely passionate about the right kind of nutrition that supports a healthy lifestyle.

These are the ones I tried and they are AMAZING I am CRAVING these right now I can’t explain how delicious these are they are so good ! I am a bit in love with them. I am going to tell everyone about them. This is made with fresh vegetables cooked by a chef.

These are by far the best bars I have had in so long I love them !


Phyter was born from a health and wellness company called Healthful Habits. Healthful Habits was (and still is!) committed to educating people on a healthier way of life through plant-based foods and other healthy lifestyle choices, and bringing nutrition and compassion to those in need.  The simple natural ingredients we use. An uncomplicated manufacturing process. And, of course, the delicious taste.

We’re excited to hit the fridge (because Phyter is made from nothing but plants – with no weird preservatives or “stabilizers” – it’s not shelf-stable and will be sold in the refrigerated or freezer section only! Phyters are a plant based food bar made with 100% organic veggies and fruit as the first ingredient. They are free of preservative and chemicals. Phyters are cooked by owner/partner Chef David “HC” Choi in a  certified organic commercial kitchen. Chef David puts love and care into each and every Phyter!

Phyters are a cooked product. Chef David cooks Phyters to bring out the flavor, enhance the phytonutrients and to eliminate any harmful bacteria that can occur in raw foods. They use organic plant based coconut sugar in Phyters which is low on the glycemic index. Phyters have a balanced amount of protein since the protein comes naturally from plants. Phyters are a food bar from fresh veggies and fruit as the first ingredient.

Get ready !

Sweet Potato + Coconut: “just like carrot cake”

Beet + Cocoa: “like a rich chocolate brownie”

Butternut Squash + Peanut Butter: “just the right amount of creamy peanut butter”

Beet and Cocoa

Beets + Cocoa

The pairing of ripe beets and cocoa yields a dark, rich flavor that evokes an earthy chocolate cake.


 Butternut Squash and Peanut Butter

Butternut Squash + Peanut Butter

Beautiful creamy peanut butter blended with savory butternut squash. This Phyter serves up a perfect fall harvest in every bite.


Sweet Potato and Coconut

Sweet Potatoes + Coconut

Two simply delicious flavors, even more delicious together.


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