When do you get to travel from India to Nepal to Malaysia to Moscow to New York all in one day ?  Well you can be transported in the most magical way with Gulliver’s Gate.

Gulliver’s Gate, the newest attraction in Times Square (216 W 44th Street), is an engaging and interactive exhibit of the entire world made into miniature models. The display houses more than 1,000 miniature trains, 12,000 wagons, 10,000 cars and trucks, and over 100,000 people – all in miniature form, with regions including New York, the Middle East, Europe, Britain, Niagara, Russia, South America and Asia.


Adults (ages 13 to 64)
Box office: $36.00
Online special!: $31.00 (Save $5.00 per ticket!)

Children (ages 6 to 12)
Box office: $27.00
Online special!: $22.00 (Save $5.00 per ticket!)

Children (ages 0 to 5)

Seniors (age 65 and older)
Box office: $27.00
Online special!: $22.00 (Save $5.00 per ticket!)



The Gulliver’s Gate Guest Key allows each guest to explore the model. Visitors will pass through Gulliver’s Gate and enter a fantastical world of interactive miniatures. With nearly 50,000 feet of interactive miniatures, guests will be able to see some of the great monuments of the world including the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, The Great Wall of China, The Great Pyramids and more. Your Guest Key unlocks interactive surprises throughout the model, bringing it to life in unexpected and delightful ways. Guests can get scanned and become a Model Citizen™ right before they arrive at Gulliver’s Gate Airport, where every flight is always on time!


216 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)

Hours & Admission

October 1-December 30 2017
7 days a week: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

What to expect to see …… 

New York City exhibit celebrates scale and reveals the busy street life of our urban landscape

The model makers that built New York wanted to create a “city of light.” The skyscrapers are represented as pillars of light — illuminating the brilliance, vibrancy and jaw-dropping height of this great town. Look for all the major landmarks from the Empire State Building, to Central Park, to the Staten Island Ferry Building. Not only model train lovers will delight in our version of Grand Central Station — it is sliced open to allow you to see three levels of transit at the same time – cars, commuter trains, and the subway system, as well as the main concourse. Can you spot the tightrope walker between the chandeliers?  More than a city of great sights, New York is a city of great people.  Can you spot the firefighters high-fiving each other as they rescue a cat from a tree, trapeze artists swinging on a flying trapeze, a grafitti artist tagging a wall, and a man cracking a safe in the Met Life Building?
Then you have – India, Signapore, Malaysia and more ….

Exploring the largest continent on Earth just got a lot easier — by being scaled down to Gulliver size! Your Asian journey begins with a stop at the Taj Mahal. A true love story, this mausoleum was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife. It is located in India, and although all white, the structure can appear to be different colors depending on the time of day and the fullness of the moon.  Winding your way through India and Cambodia to Singapore and Malaysia, you’ll spot scenes exemplifying Asian culture, history and architecture. Discover Angor Wat and Malaysia’s Petronas Towers, and you may even find a Pokémon on Mount Fuji! When you reach China, you’ll instantly spot the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Stop and ponder the majestic and unique karst landscape of Guilin, considered to be a sort of utopia. The story goes that it was settled by villagers who were tired of constant wars and wanted to find a peaceful place to live. They found the isolated village of Guilin and made their home. Years later, after many generations, they were discovered, living in harmony and unaware of the terrible woes that had befallen their countrymen in their isolation. This area has come to represent the ideal world where everything is beautiful and at peace.


gullivers 21


gullivers 20

gullivers 19

I don’t want to give all the mystery away but below you will see some more photos and here you go with a little video of the creation of this amazing place :

Russia gullivers 16

Scandinaviagullivers 15


gullivers 14gullivers 13


gullivers 12

Grand Central Station NEW YORK gullivers 11gullivers 10gullivers 8gullivers 9

New England I loved that they had NY and New England since my husband is from Massachusetts and loved seeing lighthouses, water and clam shacks and ski mountains ! gullivers 7gullivers 6gullivers 5gullivers 3gullivers 2gullivers

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