I like to have a range of sunglasses to match my outfits & my adventure and really wanted to try some blue lens on my sunglasses- that is why I love Sunglass Warehouse because you can get 5 or 6 pairs of glasses for 1 pair of some other glasses – I think I would rather have several trends covered then just one – plus I always worry about losing or scratches my sunglasses and now there is so much less anxiety – yes I would be bumming if I lost a pair but I wouldn’t be as upset if I spent $120 or more on a pair…. plus there are so many stylish options – check me out in my latest pair :

me in my glasses

I asked Katie who runs the PR about eco – friendly styles and get this they have them and they are AWESOME since I am trying to promote #sustainablestyle as much as possible

me and scott in hike

Sunglass Warehouse, a one-stop sunglass shop for everyone in the family, offers multiple styles, shades, sizes, and shapes for perfect Christmas gifts this season.

Women: do you favor the cat eye look? Check out SW’s Darling. Coming in five different colors, you will be the most stylish girl on the block without breaking the bank.

Sunglasses under $20

Some that are super cool :







I love the Sunglass Warehouse website because there are some fun photos on it with adventure so will show you the day I went on that hiking adventure in Inwood – there is an amazing park with this fun little hike trail through the woods we had a great time with our sunglasses and adventure !
readers 11readers 10readers 8readers 7readers 6readers 5readers 4
And then they have where you have these amazing deals on the most fashionable readers with a huge range of power – it is hard sometimes to find 300 but here you go so many different styles & ranges – My mom loves their Readers they are super fashionable and you have such a range of colors / silhouettes and again the prices are so good ! They also have these rad readers that are good for when you do computer work they are super crisp. Function & Beauty are key to

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