Courtney Scott talks how to find travel deals on Expedia and inspires me to get out and travel


I recently got to chat with Courtney Scott.  I was never introduced to her before but so glad Expedia put her on my radar because her content is incredible – I really love her videos – they transport you to that place.  A bit on Courtney – in 2007, confined to a New York City cubicle, Courtney Scott dreamed of a life less regular. With a one-way ticket in-hand she quit her job, moved to Italy and never looked back. Today, Courtney is a travel filmmaker, TV host, blogger and leading on-air travel expert. She has appeared more than 300 times in national broadcast, radio, and print outlets including TODAY show, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, CNN, Wall Street Journal.  Subscribe to Courtney’s adventures on YouTube and keep up with her travels on Instagram.

So what was I talking to Courtney about beyond getting sad that my travels in the last few years have ceased because of trying to have a baby so much money goes to IVF cycles holy moly it is like a full college education  and buying a house and so much money has gone to things we didn’t think we needed like a new roof and dealing with leaks….. but seriously the conversation was about Vacation Deprivation which I definitely have the blues on … from someone who traveled to Africa, Iceland, Switzerland, Capri, St. Tropez, and so many amazing places I wonder sometimes if my travel life is over…. with real life issues setting in but then Courtney reminded me – that on Expedia you can get great deals and travel – she spoke about her recent trip to a place I am dying to go Sayulita and we spoke about beautiful national forest parks and tips to finding tickets.  She also gave some helpful content creation tips at the end for all those travel influencers out there !

Expedia puts together reports with facts and this was really about Work – Life Imbalance and how a lot of American are suffering from Vacation Deprivation  

. From time to time, employees may feel stressed and overworked, in need of a break from the office or the busyness of everyday life. But, statistics show Americans just aren’t taking full advantage of their vacation days. In fact, they continue to leave days on the table at the end of the year. So fellow Americans we are all deserve a break so get on Expedia or one of my other favorites Travel Zoo or jetsetter and book a trip today !

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